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Congratulations to our Class X students for their outstanding performance in the Board Examination....read more

Congratulations to our Class XII students for their stellar performance in the Board Examination....read more

Kudos to our Gymnastic Team! Four team silver medals and four individual medals in the Vasant Valley Mini Gymnastic Championship held at Vasant Valley Public School, Vasant Kunj on 11th May 2018.... read more

Congratulations! Pavneet Singh of IV Basant skated to the third position in the Open Delhi State Rolling Panthers Speed Skating Championship, held on 14th April, 2018.

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates
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Learning to Learn (Parent Workshop)- Saturday, 21st July 2018

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In a world that hurtles towards rapid change on every known level, the educating and nurturing of a child becomes both an unprecedented challenge and a sacred task.

For us at the Nirmal Bhartia School, education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge and skills required to prepare one for life. Rather it is the entire process of living and engaging with life, of experiencing its uniqueness, diversity and inter-connectedness, of being moved by beauty, of asking thought-provoking questions, of the search for answers and the fearless urge to bring about change when required... MORE

The NiBS Song

With lyrics by very own in-house poet cum Principal and set to tune by our music teacher, this spirited song interprets our philosophy in easy to understand ways... PLAY

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