Reading Project : English : Cl. II

With an objective to foster a love for reading in students, our week long reading project “Get Booked” commenced on 29th April. The theme of the reading project for class II was “Fairy-tales”.A range of books was presented to the students to choose from. Each student picked a book that caught their attention.

Each day, the students spent 30 minutes on silent reading in the classroom, following which they analyzed and answered questions related to the story that they were reading.To culminate their reading project, the students dressed up as their favourite character and spoke a few lines about why they chose that character and what they liked in that character.

Reading Project : English : Cl. I

The reading project, ‘Get Booked’, commenced on 29th April to 3rd May. The author ‘Dr. Seuss’ and his style of writing, primarily the use of rhyming words was introduced with an activity in which the students picked random letters  and pasted the rhyming ones on a hat.

We further discussed the various elements found in a book – author, cover, title, characters to name a few, with the help of anchor charts. Each student picked a book that caught his/her attention from the range of books presented.

Each day a sample reading was done in class followed by silent reading for 15-20 minutes by the children, following which we either filled a response sheet or analyzed and answered questions related to the book that we were reading.

To get hooked and enjoy doing the project the children viewed videos.To culminate the reading project, the students were divided into groups and each group chose their favourite story and presented it.


On the 26th of April, 2019 Nirmal Bhartia School celebrated its 13th Founder’s Day. This ceremonious day began with the lighting of the lamp and taking the blessings of the Almighty, which was accompanied by a prayer to the Almighty asking Him to lead us from darkness to light. Tanisha Rao of grade XI presented the good read.

Keeping in line with the theme for this year, Heroes and Sheroes, Tannisha read an excerpt from a speech delivered by a real hero of the 21st century, the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers. This was followed by a slew of performances comprising classical dances like Odissi, Kathak and Bharatnatyam, and songs that ranged from choral singing to duets.

This day also holds great importance because the Student Council was officially authorized to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Pooja ma’am and Charu ma’am invested the new student council with their respective badges for the academic session 2019-20.

This year, the chief guest was Mr. J.N. Bhanu Prakash, a world record holder, demonstrator and teacher. Someone whose brain processes 12 numbers per second. He shared the story of his journey to success with the students and left them awestruck and inspired. Every year we celebrate this day as Neevanjali not merely to reaffirm our commitment to those ideals but also to celebrate this wonderful place that we all love immensely.

Comm‘Unity’ Cup

In our continued endeavour to provide children with holistic, exciting and challenging learning experiences, our school hosted the Inter-School Comm‘Unity’ Cup. The tournament was extended across three days, Monday, 6th May 2019 to Wednesday, 8th May 2019.

Twelve schools across Delhi NCR participated in various games including Table Tennis, Basketball, Futsal and Box Cricket. It was a joy to see about 185 students participate in this mega competition and enhance the spirit of sportsmanship. Shreya Pathak from class VII Bahaar won the gold medal in Table Tennis.

There was display of speed, endurance and skill which kept the game alive. The winner’s trophy was proudly received by ITL School in Mini and Sub Junior category. Our School bagged the overall runners-up in the sub-junior category for classes-VI to VIII. Indraprastha International School were the runners up in the Mini (classes IV and V) Category.

Exploring New Horizons

Exploring New Horizons is an initiative through which all the teachers get a chance to explore something that goes beyond the realms of teaching. Keeping in mind our Annual Theme ‘Heroes and Sheroes’, this year on 24th May, 2019 we visited an NGO Unnati-Family of Disabled (FOD), working for the betterment of people with disabilities who are trained in various vocations to enable them to earn a livelihood either through their own ventures or by securing jobs.

We explored different units at FOD. The first one was a cutting and tailoring unit, the second one was a computer training unit working in collaboration with Microsoft. The special feature of this unit was the eye tracking digital technology installed on their computers which helped the impaired to type in by tracking the movements of their retina as they looked into the screen.

Finally we visited the unit manufacturing Newspaper Pencils which was a unique product. The sturdy pencils were ecofriendly as they were made neither from wood or any other paper. It supported recycling as it was made from newspapers and helped protect the environment as it saved trees from being cut down. The shop selling these products was a big hit and everyone wanted to take back something which Unnati had to offer. Seeing the remarkable drive and determination to never give up, of the people working there, was indeed inspiring.

Together We Can challenge 2019

Together We Can challenge 2019 was hosted by NiBS in partnership with Taj Vivanta, Dwarka. The competition was held in the school’s auditorium on 13th May 2019. This years challenge was inspired by the threat posed by the single use plastic items which have become an integral part of today’s world.

‘Together We Can’ challenge this year required the students to design alternatives to products and packaging used in the hospitality industry with a view to solving the problem of plastic waste management, focussing on smart distribution and use of materials to make sure they can be either reused or recycled.

The three revered judges who were invited for this event were Mr Akshay Jain, founder of Namo Solutions which deals with E-Waste management, Mr Tushar Abrol- Training and Development Manager Taj Vivanta, and Mr. Himanshu Kapoor – Deputy engineer with Taj Vivanta. We had Ms Kanika Hasrat – GM Taj Vivanta, Mr Himanshu Pandey and Miss Apoorva Babbar from WWF.

This year nine schools including ours competed for this challenge to meet the expectations of the judges. All participants were evaluated by the jury on the basis of the following criteria – Concept: Deciphering the Challenge – Design : Practicality and feasibility of the solution applying different stages of the Design Thinking Process and documentation of the same. – Research : Originality of the Thought. – Team work and Presentation Following are the list of participating schools- Heritage Xperiential Learning School, NiBS, SVIS, The Shri Ram School , Vasant Valley School and Venkateshwar International School, Shikshantar School.

All the participating students researched and developed innovative solutions for the challenge. They shared their journey in the form of a movie and some prototypes of their products. It was indeed a tough competition and a lot of learning took place for all. The awards were given for the ‘Best Design Solution’.The winner was VIS where as The trophy for the runners up was shared by The Sri Ram school and NiBS.

Masti Ke Ghol – 2019

Masti Ke Ghol 2019 – our unique community concoction of fun, learning and bonding of parents, teachers and students took place on Saturday, 4th May, 2019. Parents and teachers came together to plan several fun-filled experiences for the NiBS community which were then executed on the 4th of May.

The performance scripted by our parents and enacted by NiBS teachers and parents was based on the super heroes and sheroes we encounter in our daily life- the ones that protect and care for us. This was followed by beautiful and melodious numbers sung by our NiBS community choir group. Both the shows were oversubscribed for and were a great success.

There was a galore of art activities- design your shield, superpowers of our NiBS community, make finger puppets and a k’no’w your plastic art activity. A spectrum of games based on the ‘heroes and sheroes’ theme delighted our visitors and the venue remained fully packed with parents and children.

Parents, grandparents, and children flocked to the cheerful Reading Corner where teachers read stories of heroes and sheroes. They also made Superheroes and Supersheroes themed finger puppets which we are sure, will be used for many imaginative story-telling sessions.

Officials and volunteers from WWF conducted a ‘Buzz me’ activity, Give Up sign –up and encouraged parents and children to play a K’no’w your Plastic floor board game.There were many freebies too.

The student volunteers were courteous and diligently performed their duties. Lemonade and spicy pickles made by our students as part of their Work Experience were also put up on sale as a part of fund raising for SEWA. It was truly a day when the NiBS community came together !!

Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“He could relate to a lot of aspects of emotions with family and their presence in life”.
Ms. Arpita Nigam, Parent of Kabir Nigam,  Class – Pallav Basant

“We did it together, I found it interesting when the child had to think of lot of facts about his family.”
Ms. Megha Kalia, Parent of Parth Kalia, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We did rhymes as the theme together at home. We also discussed worksheets .”
Ms. Sheetal Sharma, Parent of Inayat Mudgal, Class – Pallav Basant