Young at Art

“Man of conscience. It was a beautiful portrayal of how a man feels trapped in the circle of life”.
Ms. Subhashini Balakrishnan , Parent of Easwar Balakrishnan ,  Class – IX Basant

“I loved hows of wonder, how of parliament in fact all the art work is great and shows a lot of maturity and creativity.”
Mr. Vinayak Prasanna Das  , Parent of Ahana Das  , Class – IV Bahaar

“Every year I am so amazed at the amount of creativity that flows in at ‘Young at Art’. I thoroughly enjoyed the dance as well as the workshops ongoing at the basketball court.”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak , Parent of Aakriti Shrestha  , Class – III Bahaar

“I loved the couch made from egg trays. It depicted great resourcefulness.”
Ms. Dimple Sharma  , Parent of Presha Sharma  , Class – IX Basant

Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“Children keep on singing songs they have been taught in the class, based on various landforms and made us learn those songs too”.
Ms. Mandeep Kaur , Parent of Prabhgun Kaur,  Class – Pallav Basant

“It was fun running around with the kids, trying to make a paper boat and making a ‘Go Mountain’ poster.”
Ms. Kamal Preet , Parent of Guransh , Class – Pallav

“They could pronounce various landforms and names of places plus knew about their features – flora fauna !”
Ms. Gurleen , Parent of Viraj Singh , Class – Pallav Malhaar

Culmination – Cl. I

“Explained them about different uses of water and how important the water is for the planet”.
Ms. Shabeeh , Parent of Jafar,  Class – I Malhaar

“We watched the movie together. Kartikeyan reminds me to close the tap while brushing. He also made his own fishing activity at home.”
Ms. Preeti Kishor , Parent of Kartikeyan Kishor , Class – I Malhaar

Udaan – 2018

UDAAN, the Annual farewell ceremony for the graduating batch of 2019 was held on Friday, 1 February, 2019, as the 21 stars of the evening were ready to embark on a new journey leaving the nest which has nurtured and nourished them, and carry the responsibility of representing their alma mater.

The poignant and solemn occasion was attended by the parents of Std XII students, the Chairperson, Pooja Ma’am, Principal Charu Ma’am, Heads of School, Amita Ma’am and Vibha Ma’am, and teachers.

Pooja Ma’am instilled a sense of confidence and courage into the young hearts by stressing on the fact that each one of them was a winner as they held the greatest trophy of all – the trophy of life!

Charu Ma’am had everyone sitting in attention with bated breath as she read out a self-composed poem unveiling the salient traits of each of the 21 graduating students.

In her message, Amita Ma’am advised the students to chase their dreams, try new things and continue to hone their skills and good things will come their way. A short film took the students down memory lane and all possible reactions could be seen and heard.

The Latin term “alma mater” means nourishing mother and as the young brigade was ready to soar, they are also expected to carry the NiBS legacy forward. Each student was bestowed with the NiBS angvastra and Udaan magazine signifying the ethos and values of the institution.

Lot of cheer and bonhomie marked the rest of the evening as the students enjoyed scrumptious snacks and clicked photographs with their teachers and friends. As they leave the portals of the school, each one of them will be taking a bit of this institution with him or her and at the same time will be leaving a little part of them here.


Culmination – Cl. IV

“Participated in the quiz and salad making”.
Ms. Priyadarshani , Parent of Arnav,  Class – IV Bahaar

“Yes, learning was evident from the presentation. Students were aware of the parts of plants and also their use as veg. and fruits.”
Ms. Aditee Kumari , Parent of Prisha Ranjan , Class – IV Basant

“We helped Aarav  select the pots, the seeds, soil, manure etc. We also helped him prepare for his presentation. ”
Mr. Aurobindo Saxena , Parent of Aarav Saxena, Class – IV Bahaar

Annual Day : Cl. Ankur & Pallav

On 2nd February 2019 students of classes Ankur and Pallav showcased a myriad of their talent in the Annual Day. The Annual function was based on the Annual theme How’dini…..The Magic of ‘HOW’ Things Work! A drama was staged which had few children enjoying the vacation who desired to invent a ‘magical vehicle’ and also wanted to explore the How’s and Why’s behind various natural phenomena such as how the water flows and the wind blows.

They captivated the audience with their insightful queries. For their each query they had their peers dancing to provide an insight to their quest. With the Ankur Malhaar dancing to the tune of ‘Bum-bum bole’ the mood to find answers to the Hows and Whys of these little dramatists was set ablaze.

As the drama progressed the stage was set on fire by the Ankur Basant children who marched as little ants. Pallavs’ Elocution about the water cycle enthralled the parents and the grandparents.

With the water cycle being talked about the audience witnessed a thunderous performance by the little ‘droplets’ of both Ankur and Pallav. When the drama further unfolded we had another set of dancers from these classes dancing to showcase the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Not only the natural phenomena were discussed in the drama, the ‘How’s and Why’s related to vehicles were also enquired by our little dramatists. Thus came the Ankur Bahaar children with a peppy ‘train dance’. The grand finale of the show was a dance on the song ‘There’s magic in the air’.


Annual Day : Cl. I & II

The cold and frosty weather of 2nd February was forgotten as Classes I and II presented their Annual Day. The annual theme for the students was the six simple machines and groovy gadgets. So the entire annual day was woven around this.

The journey began with the students welcoming their parents with a song ’Aao Haath Milayein’, setting the tone for the day. The students looked resplendent as they sang enthusiastically about the benefit of working together showcasing that if we work together we can achieve new heights.

With the belief that we should start anything with the name of God, our students presented the ‘Pushpanjali Dance’ a tribute to God seeking His blessings. The dazzling performance by the students showed the amount of practice they had done as each student danced in sync with one another.

Next, came the play ‘The Toy Story’, which was based on our annual theme showing the use of various simple machines. It showed the story of a doll which enters a household on the day of Christmas. In the beginning she feels quite superior to other toys as she is new and shiny but one day while playing her arm gets broken.

The other toys call ‘Handy Manny’ for repair and also give up one part each. It thus depicted how we should help each other in times of need. Since the play was based around Christmas time, we had a ‘Jingle Bell dance’ with the students grooving to lively Christmas music.

Looking at the astounding performance it was hard to believe that the kids were only 6 or 7 years old. They also sang an Italian song ’Un Poco Loco’. As the doll was feeling sad over her broken arm, someone came to cheer her up.

There was happiness and joy all around as clowns came visiting and performed an energetic dance for the parents. Their colourful clothes and cheery smiles lit up the day as everyone was soon moving to the lively music. As Handy Manny was able to fix her arm everyone was happy.

To mark the end of the play we had a ‘Finale Dance’. Students danced to the music of Hakuna Matata, All of us together and I like to move it. The stunning performance by the students left the parents spellbound and impressed

Culmination – Cl. II & III

“Moon Dance Walk, Vivid presentation and knowledge about Solar System”.
Dr. Kunal K, Parent of Koustubh,  Class – II Malhaar

“The concept of the Solar System was pretty much clear. They could tell about a lot of things.”
Ms. Namrata , Parent of Manasvi, Class – II Bahaar

“Coordination and the musical addition to the theme. ”
Mr. Gaurav Prasad , Parent of Ananya Prasad, Class – III Basant

“100%. Hridyansh is quite curious to know more about solar system. Galaxies and of course life on other planets – ALIENS !!”
Mr. Vishal , Parent of Hridyansh M, Class – III Malhaar

Annual Day – Cl. Ankur – II

“Real magic was pour down by little stars. It was amazing and fantastic to see little one’s performing and beating the winter chills. Thanks to teachers & NiBS”.
Ms. Shama Sheikh, Parent of Arhaan Khan Mansoori,  Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Magical Performance by little magicians. Loved it.”
Ms. Preeti Kishore , Parent of Kartikeyan, Class – I Malhaar

“Best compliments on school achievements and awards. Beautifully prepared and well groomed performances. Good to know about , Individual Attention Award; this is really a show stopper for the school. Keep Rocking ! ”
Mr. Naveen K Chauhan , Parent of Aviraaj Chauhan, Class – I Bahaar

“Beautiful riot of colors. Kudos to the teachers for putting in so much effort. ”
Ms. Kamal Preet, Parent of Guransh Singh, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Truly overwhelmed. Such an energetic and full of life show ! Thank you dear teachers and everyone for getting kids to perform with such confidence. ”
Ms. Keerat, Parent of Waaris Singh Kohli, Class – Pallav Basant