Annual Day : Cl. I & II

The cold and frosty weather of 2nd February was forgotten as Classes I and II presented their Annual Day. The annual theme for the students was the six simple machines and groovy gadgets. So the entire annual day was woven around this.

The journey began with the students welcoming their parents with a song ’Aao Haath Milayein’, setting the tone for the day. The students looked resplendent as they sang enthusiastically about the benefit of working together showcasing that if we work together we can achieve new heights.

With the belief that we should start anything with the name of God, our students presented the ‘Pushpanjali Dance’ a tribute to God seeking His blessings. The dazzling performance by the students showed the amount of practice they had done as each student danced in sync with one another.

Next, came the play ‘The Toy Story’, which was based on our annual theme showing the use of various simple machines. It showed the story of a doll which enters a household on the day of Christmas. In the beginning she feels quite superior to other toys as she is new and shiny but one day while playing her arm gets broken.

The other toys call ‘Handy Manny’ for repair and also give up one part each. It thus depicted how we should help each other in times of need. Since the play was based around Christmas time, we had a ‘Jingle Bell dance’ with the students grooving to lively Christmas music.

Looking at the astounding performance it was hard to believe that the kids were only 6 or 7 years old. They also sang an Italian song ’Un Poco Loco’. As the doll was feeling sad over her broken arm, someone came to cheer her up.

There was happiness and joy all around as clowns came visiting and performed an energetic dance for the parents. Their colourful clothes and cheery smiles lit up the day as everyone was soon moving to the lively music. As Handy Manny was able to fix her arm everyone was happy.

To mark the end of the play we had a ‘Finale Dance’. Students danced to the music of Hakuna Matata, All of us together and I like to move it. The stunning performance by the students left the parents spellbound and impressed

Culmination – Cl. II & III

“Moon Dance Walk, Vivid presentation and knowledge about Solar System”.
Dr. Kunal K, Parent of Koustubh,  Class – II Malhaar

“The concept of the Solar System was pretty much clear. They could tell about a lot of things.”
Ms. Namrata , Parent of Manasvi, Class – II Bahaar

“Coordination and the musical addition to the theme. ”
Mr. Gaurav Prasad , Parent of Ananya Prasad, Class – III Basant

“100%. Hridyansh is quite curious to know more about solar system. Galaxies and of course life on other planets – ALIENS !!”
Mr. Vishal , Parent of Hridyansh M, Class – III Malhaar

Annual Day – Cl. Ankur – II

“Real magic was pour down by little stars. It was amazing and fantastic to see little one’s performing and beating the winter chills. Thanks to teachers & NiBS”.
Ms. Shama Sheikh, Parent of Arhaan Khan Mansoori,  Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Magical Performance by little magicians. Loved it.”
Ms. Preeti Kishore , Parent of Kartikeyan, Class – I Malhaar

“Best compliments on school achievements and awards. Beautifully prepared and well groomed performances. Good to know about , Individual Attention Award; this is really a show stopper for the school. Keep Rocking ! ”
Mr. Naveen K Chauhan , Parent of Aviraaj Chauhan, Class – I Bahaar

“Beautiful riot of colors. Kudos to the teachers for putting in so much effort. ”
Ms. Kamal Preet, Parent of Guransh Singh, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Truly overwhelmed. Such an energetic and full of life show ! Thank you dear teachers and everyone for getting kids to perform with such confidence. ”
Ms. Keerat, Parent of Waaris Singh Kohli, Class – Pallav Basant

Senior School Excursion to Dehradun

The students of classes IX to XII of Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka went to Dehradun, Uttarakhand for their annual trip from 24th October 2018, Wednesday to Saturday, 27th October 2018. The group of seventy, accompanied by their teachers boarded their buses and went off to a new adventure.

On reaching Dehradun, they walked uphill to the Camp Spillway Retreat, where they were to stay during the trip. As soon as the sun set, the hill station got chilly and to boost everyone up, various warming up activities were done, after which dinner was served. At night, before bed, all the students either lay out to stargaze or went to each other’s tents to spend some quality time with their friends.

The next day started with the same chills and hot cups of tea and coffee, followed by warm up exercises.. The students were then taught how to navigate using compasses, and were divided into teams and set out to trek to a cave. The first part of the trek involved a trust walk where four students from each team led the others, who were blindfolded, to the first position.

From then on, the three teams trekked up the hills for five kilometers and stopped at the cave which they entered to see sulphur deposits. After exploring the cave, the whole group headed to the river bank to make their lunch. The group, after lunch, enjoyed the cold water of the river before heading back to the camp for a lot of adventure activities. Before dinner, music was set up and everyone danced their hearts out. Bedtime was nowhere in anyone’s minds. The next day started early with a lot of coffee.

The students were served breakfast on the buses as they were to travel for two hours to the Indian Military Academy. Everyone was excited to visit this prestigious institution and witness the training and see the lives of the cadets at the Academy. This made everyone realize that their lives were so easy compared to life in the armed forces.

The students witnessed the cadets going about their shooting practice with light firearms, and also learnt about the martial horses and their training. The group also visited the mess which could accommodate 1700 cadets to dine in at one meal. They also visited all the war memorials and saw the exhibits. Pizzas were served for lunch, in the bus itself.

The next stop was the Forest Research Institute where the students felt rather bored and disinterested to see the exhibits at the museum. That day, at the camp, a student’s birthday was celebrated, followed by two hours straight, of dancing. The students successfully made their teachers dance too. This was further followed by a bonfire. Bedtime came too soon, but the students did not sleep at all. The next day, it was time for the journey back but no one was ready to bid adieu to the camp and the adventures and the experiences they had had during the course of the three days.

Annual Day – Cl. VI to XII

The Annual Day was celebrated at Nirmal Bhartia School with lots of enthusiasm and grandeur. The celebrations flagged off with the customary lighting of the lamp and Pushpanjali, a classical dance invoking blessings of the Almighty.

It was then followed by Alarippu, which means blossoming of the flower. To set the tone of the proceedings the Director of the esteemed institution addressed the audience and through her insightful speech offered a kaleidoscope of all the achievements of the session 2018.

Next to follow was an awe-inspiring English Play on the magic of how things work. Shortly after the English play was an English song presented by the students of class X conveying the essence of unity through the melodious rendition. To captivate the attention of the audience, the senior students presented a play in Hindi which was a satire on the contemporary social structure and bureaucracy.

A song was presented by the students of class XII conveying the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration. To add to the glory of the programme there was a musical extravaganza, a special presentation by the students of classes 6-8, displaying their specialization in performing arts.Their unique talent was brought to the forefront through both solo and group presentations which comprised violinists, pianists and a myriad students playing on the guitar.

A feast to the eyes was a gracefulgeese dance performancebythe students of classes VII and VIII. As the harbinger of a joyous season, the charm of the dance invoked positive vibes restoring peace. It was a symbolic representation of the victory of good over evil.To amuse the audience further, the students presented Indian raga and fusion songs in Hindi.

The orchestra in the end marked the grand culmination of the entire programme and the show-stopper indeed, was a melodious song of the golden era presented by the school fraternity.

Sporty Morning 2018 – Cl. I and II

The Annual Sports Day for 2018-19 was conducted for Classes 3 to 5 on 30th Oct 2018. This year the sports day was different from our regular sports meets as it was conducted in the form of league matches in various sports disciplines between the four houses. The aim was to ensure maximum participation of the students in the meet. Every child participated in a minimum of two games.

The matches were conducted in Box cricket, Futsal, Badminton, Dodgeball and Shotput events. The matches were held simultaneously at separate venues and the parents got a chance to see their kids excel in these events. The children also felt enthused in showcasing their talents in front of the parents.

At NiBS, we encourage students to participate in various games and sports from a very early age. The children thus get ample opportunities to develop their skills in multiple fields. Later as they grow we let them to choose a sport that they are most passionate about. The Sports Day was another step in the same direction with children competing with each other and showcasing their skills and sportsmanship in front of the entire school.


Annual Day – Cl. III to V

Nirmal Bhartia school celebrated its Annual day on 15th December, 2018 in the school amphitheatre amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation.

Among the dignitaries present were Pooja Ma’am, Principal Charu Wahi, HOS- Vibha Bhasin, members of the PTA, parents and students. The programme commenced with the lightening of the ceremonial lamp by Pooja Ma’am escorted by Charu Ma’am and Vibha Ma’am. Pooja Ma’am addressed the audience with the words of encouragement.

The cultural programme based on the theme’ “How’dini—The magic of how things work; comprised the Welcome Dance, a tribute to lord Ganesha about the importance of collaboration, harmony, rhythm and grace in nature.

Class 5 presented a play “Superhero” with vibrancy and life being propelled into magnificent and reverberating performances put up by the students. The play was about an awards ceremony in which the judges had to select one Superhero among Spiderman, Superman, hulk and Chota Bheem. The props and costumes added colour to the play with the synchronized rap dance movement to the foot tapping music. The play concluded with the moral that there is a Superhero in all of us we just need to tap our inner strength.

This was entailed by Hindi musical skit presented by the students of class-3 ‘Kissa Carwaan Ka’ about Akbar and Birbal where Akbar becomes fascinated by the new musical instrument radio Carwaan and Tansen feels neglected. How Birbal goes about to diffuse this situation is what the whole play is about.

The last but not the least was the English play from class-4 students about ‘ The Magic of How Things Work’ which was a depiction  based on the people who questioned what they saw around and were curious about the science behind the magic we sometimes take for granted.

The vote of thanks was proposed by the school Principal Charu Ma’m who praised the students for their performances. The programme culminated with the school song and the national anthem.

Sporty Morning 2018 – Cl. I and II

The Sports Morning for classes I and II was organized on Ist November, 2018 at the school grounds upholding the spirit of celebrating sports. Among much zeal and zest, Charu ma’am flagged off the morning event and welcomed all the excited parents.

The enthusiastic class I children took to the field and performed the ‘Yoga Drill’ bringing in the benefits of different yoga postures.

This event was followed by a ‘Magical Wand Drill’ by the cheerful class II students. They used wands as props to show movements, displaying perfect coordination on the field.

The excitement soared as the students of class I and II participated in an array of races, cheerfully running, sprinting, balancing and jumping hurdles to complete the races.

The races were designed keeping in mind the topics ‘Simple Machines’ and ‘Groovy Gadets’ class I and II are exploring as per the Annual theme.‘The Torch Work Race’, ‘Fishing Magnet Race’, ‘Wheel Barrow Race’ and ‘Assemble the Clock  Race’ were some of the races.

The parents showed tremendous sportsman spirit and were fully involved to make the day a great success.

Sporty Morning 2018 – Cl. Ankur and Pallav

A Sporty Morning for classes Ankur and Pallav was organized on 2nd November 2018 at the school grounds with all zest and zeal. Parents witnessed our cheerful little ones take on to the field as they performed their ‘drills’ and the ‘Fun Races’ based on the theme ‘How’dini.

The children of class Ankur spread the magic around as they performed the ‘Magic Wand Drill’ using the pom-poms and coordinating perfectly with each other.

This event was followed by a mesmerizing drill by the children of class Pallav. They children matched up their steps and used the ‘Magic Balls’ to perfection.

The excitement soared as the students of class Ankur and Pallav participated in a range of races which depicted various tricks performed by a magician. Our adorable little magicians peddled the tricycles, created pyramids using blocks; balanced the hats with a toy inside, hopped, jumped and crossed hurdles to showcase their agility and sportsman spirit.

The parents showed tremendous sportsman spirit and were completely involved to make the day a great success.

Voice of Art

A practice based research challenge, ‘Voice of Art’ was a unique endeavour by Nirmal Bhartia School that attempted to combine student enquiry of social and environmental issues affecting our everyday lives with original expression using the methods and techniques of new or traditional visual arts media.

Our theme for this year’s inaugural edition of ‘Voice of Art’ was ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, which sought to highlight and encourage responses to the deplorable and potentially hazardous quality of air in the city of Delhi.

Non-competitive and non-restrictive in format, the founding motivation behind the challenge was to encourage ‘different ways of seeing’ and give students the opportunity to develop new and original lenses or frameworks for studying long standing social issues that seem to evade easy solutions.

As a culmination of the challenge, the work of the students was displayed a specially curated, two day exhibition at Sanskriti Kala Kendra on Friday, 30th November and Saturday, 1st December, 2018.

The challenge offered the participating teams,an opportunity of receiving expert and valuable feedback from an eminent panel of experienced art educators, artists and thought leaders.

Our esteemed panel of experts comprised Dr.Arunabha Ghosh, Founder-CEO of the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), Ms. Vidya Shivadas, the Director of the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art- FICA, and Mr. Anirudh Sharma and Mr. Nikhil Kaushik -Co-founders of Graviky Labs, an MIT Spinoff that captures air pollution and recycles it into inks. Graviky Labs has joined hands with international artists to spread the message of environment conservation.

Workshops for students were organized on the occasion by Ms . Nilanjana Nandy, visual artist, educator and researcher and Mr. Rohit Mehra, deputy commissioner , income tax , Ludhiana ,who has floated the idea of erecting ‘green walls’.

During the course of the project all participants got an opportunity to receive inputs from Mr. Ravi Agarwal, an eminent inter disciplinary artist, curator, writer and environmentalist.

The most rewarding aspect of the Voice of Art project was the overwhelming response we received from various schools across Delhi. It was heartening to note that the youth today is socially conscious, aware of the challenges they face and are ready to be the change that they wish to see in the world.