Parent Orientation

“We are very happy to be in the school. We made a right choice. ”
Mr. Benipal, Parent of Jaiveer Benipal, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“It was a very interactive and informative session ! Keep it up !”
Ms. Rukhsana Bano, Parent of Mohd. Shaheer, Class – IX Bahaar

“Amazing presentation.Got a great insight into the basic foundations and principles of the school.”
Ms. Sonal Singhal, Parent of Tisha Singhal, Class – IX Basant

“Nice and short interaction session with class teacher. It’s always good to meet the new class teacher before the start of a session.”
Ms. Seema, Parent of Parth Sharma, Class – IV Basant

Sports Morning – Ankur & Pallav

“Innovative amalgamation of sports + theme + travel. Very Creative. ”
Ms. Darilang Rymbai, Parent of Joanna, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Om’s grandparents were present today. Very great work !”
Ms. Smiti Singh, Parent of Om Sharan, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Great Show ! Superb ! Kids have displayed collaboration, co-ordination and skills which can only be taught with patience. Well done NiBS. Thank You.”
Ms. Madhavi, Parent of Nevaan Raj, Class – Ankur Basant

“Wonderful morning, had a wonderful time and went back to our school days. Great going NiBS ! Proud to be a part of NiBS community.”
Ms.Upasana, Parent of Akshat, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“We had a lovely time watching the kids perform. Synchronisation was amazing. Games were innovative. Loved & had fun playing with other parents. A big applause to all the school staff. ”
Ms. & Mr. Pandey, Parent of Rudransh, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“It was a wonderful experience to see the tiny tots dance, run on the beat and perfect synchronisation. Feast to the eyes. Thank You ! ”
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Sports Morning – I & II

“It was nothing less than Sports Day  ”
Mr. & Ms. Verma, Parent of Aadita Verma, Class – II Bahaar

“It is the best event in a way that my child was so enthusiastic about it, please continue the spirit.”
Dr. Reema Rai, Parent of Jishaan Rai, Class – II Basant

“Really Sporty Morning, for the parents, teachers & children !
Ms. Priya, Parent of Pragya Jassal, Class – I Malhaar

“Great job done. Well done the entire team of NiBS. Looking forward for each such school activity. Thanks !”
Ms. Kajal Bakshi, Parent of Kaarnik, Class – I Bahaar

Young at Art – 2016-17

“I come every year and I learn something new every year. Really good job with respect to representing the world art. ”
Mr. Priya Dinesh, Parent of Avilansh & Anjukta, Class – V Basant & II Bahaar

“The sheer amount of thought and hard work is commendable. Its not common or easy to have the vision and realisation for an event like this where children and parents are exposed to a world which is so different from the mundane tasks. A huge learning experience and very holistic learning. Today you have made this school a temple. God bless you all”
Ms. Snigdha Sheel, Parent of Ahana Das, Class – II Basant

“The music show sitar (Mr. De) & Mr. Joshua for drums was mesmerising. Kathak dance training was mind blowing eye opener and mind opener. Thanks  ”
Ms. Anamika Singh , Parent of Aditya & Arnav, Class – VIII Basant & VI Bahaar

“Appreciate the kind of focus the school has towards art and craft. Not only they teach children art. I admire the way the children are introduced to the history and the origin of the art forms thereby developing and nurturing interest in the children. ”
Ms. Smriti Gupta , Parent of Siddharth Gupta, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“The best thing that one can ever experience ! Please continue with this practice of getting kids exposed to varied forms of art !!
Ms. Bhavna Praveen, Parent of Aarav Praveen, Class – IV Basant

“Jalebi curls story telling was absolutely amazing, The exhibits are “Epitomes of Beauty” !!
Ms. Ranjeeta Buti, Parent of Suhana Buti, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Amazing work, this place always has something new to show ! Best Place ♥♥ !!
Ms. Deepika, Parent of Gaurangini, Class – IX Basant

Culmination Event – Pallav

“Contributing and participating in making a rhyme was fun . ”
Mr. Anshul Bawa, Parent of Atharv Bawa, Class – Pallav Basant

“Bahut Achha experience raha.”
Mr. Arvind, Parent of Arnav, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“I helped in writing the last two lines of the poetry. It was a really great experience. ”
Mr. Ajay Datta, Parent of Samredh Datta, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Areas of strength in the child’s performance are imagination, ability to co-relate and freedom of expression.”
Mr. Rahul Subnani, Parent of Dakshraj Subnani, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“He loves the process of evaporation. He loves the steam coming out of water.”
Ms. Anita, Parent of Ayaan Gupta , Class – Pallav Malhaar

Annual Day – Ankur and Pallav

“Can’t believe my eyes…kids are doing awesome. Hats off to all teachers and staff loving it ! ”
Mr. Rajeev Roy, Parent of Anagh J Roy, Class – Ankur Basant

“Thank you ! its really an exercise for you all to put the little ones in a straight line. It was a wonderful program.”
Ms. Paramita & Mr. Sachin , Parent of Amara Mudgil, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“Excellent ushering and awesome student volunteers ! Too helpful !”
Mr. Mukesh Sangwan, Parent of Siddharth, Class – Ankur Basant

“Very well done. The kidoo do amazing. Hats off all the teachers and all the staff.”
Ms. Namrata, Parent of Kartik, Class – Pallav Basant

Annual Day – I to XII

“Hakuna Matata – No worries. As long as our children are in NiBS; we are too happy to see them bloom. Thanks for a lovely evening. ”
Ms. Adit Kaur, Parent of Jasmine Kaur, Class – I Malhaar

“Wow ! NiBS does it better than last time every time. Great to go around the world with the kids.”
Mr. Darpan Arora, Parent of Saranya Arora, Class – IV Basant

“Beautiful, breathtaking & mesmerizing journey around the world. We travelled along with the kids ! Kudos to the teachers & kids !! ”
Mr. & Mrs. Chadha, Parent of Akshaj Chadha, Class – II Bahaar

“Excellent conceptualisation and execution by the children”
Mr. Anindya Acharya, Parent of Aditya Acharya, Class – VI Bahaar

“Great job kids and kuddos to the trainer as well for synchronising so many kids so may percussion and vocals together !! ”
Ms. Priya & Mr. Dinesh,  Parent of Avilash Dinesh , Class – V Basant

“Musically superb…melodious and beautiful life performances”
Ms. Deepali, Parent of Kanan, Class – VIII Bahaar

Culmination Event – I

“It was a great oppurtunity to mix with children and share the topic with them.”
Mr. & Ms. Budhiraja, Parents of Pranav, Class – I Bahaar

“Thoroughly enjoyed the culmination event. Saw some amazing project. Each one of them spoke confidently. I was really impressed.”
Ms. Renuka, Parent of Vernica, Class – I Basant

“Your efforts are more than our expectation.”
Ms. Seema Kala, Parent of Divyansh Kala, Class – I Malhaar

“100% involvement, arranging material and cultivating a thought on board was really a great experience. ”
Mr. Vishal, Parent of Hridyansh, Class – I Bahaar

Culmination Event – Pallav

“It’s always a pleasure to connect with our kids. Dhanvi shared her knowledge about waste treatment and how water can be saved for future.”
Ms. Shalini, Parent of Dhanvi, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We took Advik for a visit to our neighborhood cobbler, vegetable vendor and enjoyed making a video clip.”
Mr. & Ms. Rai, Parents of Advik Rai, Class – Pallav Basant

“Aadya has started recognizing the efforts of each and every individual.”
Mr. & Ms. Jain, Parents of Aadya Jain, Class – Pallav Basant

“Yes, you have made children visit the fire station and many want to become firemen now!!!”
Mr. Amit Gaur, Parent of Aadhira, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop for Junior School Parents

“It gave me a real insight that someway we are responsible for our child’s low esteem and we should be more loving and accepting instead of being demanding.”
Ms. Rekha , Parent of Saranya, Class – IV Basant

“I learnt that it is okay to be imperfect.”
Mr. Vinay Pal, Parent of Shivam Pal, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“When Dr. Patri answered some queries and I found that some were common to mine.”
Ms. Shivani Paliwal, Parent of Aadi Paliwal, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“I learnt –>Develop self-esteem–>Don’t indulge in over parenting–>Consistent discipline”
Mr. Chiranjeev Singh Bedi & Ms. Avneet Bedi,  Parents of Haranshjeev Singh

“I found faulty parent-child relationship very interesting as many real life examples were discussed which happens to us in our daily life.”
Ms. Swati Ashish Bhardwaj, Parent of Siansh Bhardwaj, Class – Ankur Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop for Parents

“Our strategy on an immediate basis is to invest in an emotional bank account”.
Mrs.Geeta Ramesh, Parent of Vinayak Nair, Class – X Basant

“We came to know what is actually happening with and within our children and how to handle it”.
Mr. Neeraj Yadav, Parent of Anilansh Yadav, Class – VIII Basant

“I will talk to my daughter regularly about different ongoing aspects of her life”.
Mr. Chandan Singh, Parent of Vasudha Sirari, Class – VI Bahaar

“Say sorry, say thank you and not to be a dictator or a preacher but to let them do the talking and of course increase my deposits in my emotion bank”.
Mrs. Lakshmi M, Parent of S. Janvi, Class – VI Bahaar

Learning to Learn – 2016

“Thank you for all the support. I see a vast change in my kid in just a couple of months. Regards & Respect for all teachers”.
Mrs.Smriti Gupta, Parent of Siddharth Gupta, Pallav Bahaar

“The projects presented by students were very educative. Both students & parents learnt principles of science with the help of these projects”.
Mr. Lokesh, Parent of Prakriti, IV Bahaar

“Good to see the entire journey that kid will be going through. Great to see the student’s project and how will they understand the same”.
Mrs. Divya Saxena, Parent of Aarav Saxena, II Basant

“Very nicely planned and demonstrated by the NiBS Team. Be it care time, circle time and other activities, it was very well explained and very different from other institutions. Great Work !”.
Ms. Shambhavi Jha, Parent of Srivats Shubh, II Bahaar

Masti ke Ghol – 2016

“I liked the concept of passport, I also appreciated the idea of creatively using disposable plates for making necklace in Egypt.”
Mr.& Mrs. Chamoli, Parent of Anshika Chamoli, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“Togetherness of school and home !!! It’s great !!”
Mr. Amit Gaur, Parent of Aadhira Gaur, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“Overall the event is very different from all previous Masti Ke Ghol; the theme is good, innovative and informative. The collaboration of parents and teachers.”
Ms. Seema Sharma, Parent of Parth Sharma, Class IV Basant.

“Its perfect and we would love to be part of it as a family every time – always ! Keep up such innovative way of education with Masti. Absolute Ghol of Masti !
Mr. Navneet Singh, Parent of Abeer Singh, Class Ankur Bahaar.

“The theme is the best and easy way to learn about different countries.”
Mr. Richa, Parent of Reyansh, Class Pallav Basant.

“Participation of parents and teachers is highly interactive.”
Mr. Dinesh, Parent of Deevashree, Class Pallav Basant.

Parent Orientation

“What most appealed to me at NiBS is the parent participation. It helps in creating a bond with the school.”
Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Parent of Shanaya Agarwal, Class Ankur Basant.

“What most appealed to me at NiBS is the simplicity in everything you all do.”
Mr.& Mrs. Jha, Parent of Srivats Shubh, Class II Bahaar.

“What most appealed to me at NiBS is the approach NiBS follows, that every child is special and should be treated equally.”
Ms. Priya Grover, Parent of Aaliya Grover, Class Ankur Bahaar.

“The word that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is explorer.”
Ms. Taruna Seghal, Parent of Devansh Sehgal, Class VI Bahaar.

“The phrase that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is educative and value bases.”
Mr. Mridul Jain, Parent of Ishaan Jain, Class Ankur Basant.

“The sentence that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is that our faith has been entrusted to NiBS and we believe that our son is going to enjoy his whole process of learning.”
Ms.Chanchibeni Gifthy, Parent of Aadi Aaron Yadav, Class Ankur Malhaar.

“A word that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is MAGICAL”
Ms. Darilang Rymbai , Parent of Joanna Rymbai , Class Ankur Malhaar.

Entry Event – II

“What I enjoyed most about the event is togetherness !! More than a event it was about we and Jasdeep together; we did all the task together.
Mr. Singh, Parent of Jasdeep Singh, Class II Bahaar.

‘It’s always easily registered in mind if done in a practical/playway method.
Mr. Chadha, Parent of Akshaj Chadha, Class II Bahaar.

‘It will develop a sense of curiosity in everything they hear/see and touch/smell.
Mr. Bhattacharya, Parent of Zinia, Class II Basant

‘At times it is difficult to explain things to kids just by explaining in words using different objects was a good way’.
Ms. Raturi, Parent of Naisha Raturi, Class II Bahaar.

Entry Event – Pallav

“What I enjoyed most about the event is the idea of letting the individual units of families come together as a larger family’.
Ms. Nerwal, Parent of Samaira Nerwal, Class Pallav Basant.

‘Ofcourse yes, practical is always better than anything else. Children enjoyed with their parents’.
Mr. Kumar, Parent of Vivaan Kumar, Class Pallav Bahaar.

‘This experience enriched the child alot. It made us realise how we need to contribute in our child’s learning process. It taught us that we be contributing and less critical’.
Mr. Subnani, Parent of Dakshraj Subnani, Class Pallav Bahaar.

‘Learning through society is always an important aspect we feel and what better than doing this with life long friends’.
Ms. Gaur, Parent of Aadhira Gaur, Class Pallav Bahaar.

Nirmal Sabha

“NiBS is a happy school because here studies are not a burden for a kid. With a smile on their face they can conquer the world.
Ms. Nidhi Suri, Parent of Abhisht Suri, Class II Bahaar.

A word that best describes a NiBS student is VIVACIOUS !
Mr. Anand Prakash, Parent of Hiya Prakash, Class VII Basant.

One positive change that I have seen in my child since he has joined NiBS is that he does every task given to him with a lot of confidence and makes sure that is is completed in an outstanding manner.
Ms. Ritu Singh Ghumman, Parent of Sarthak Singh, Class IV Basant

“One thing that stood out for us in the ten years of NiBS is the school being true to its vision statement; especially the Power of Community. It is really encouraging”.
Ms. Renuka S Kumar, Parent of Suvan Aditya, Class IV Bahaar

On ‘Young at Art’

Awesome !, Amazing ! Bravo ! Team NiBS. It shows a lot hard work, commitment, time and heart work that has gone behind ‘Young at Art’.
Mr. Sunil Sachdeva, Parent of Anshuman and Aarushi Sachdeva, Class III Bahaar and I Bahaar

“Thank you for organizing this event and allowing us to be a part of it. We have been coming for the last three years and its getting better with each passing year. Keep up the excellent work”!
Mr. & Mrs. Harshit and Swati Mehrotra, Parent of Shaurya Mehrotra, Class II Basant

“I deeply appreciate the efforts made by the school to invite different artists or rather the ‘Masters’ to bless our children and connect them to their rich and diverse culture”.
Ms. Renuka S Kumar, Parent of Suvan Aditya, Class IV Bahaar

“This school is unique and very special. Young at Art is an asset to my school”.
Aryan Kaushik, Student of class IX

“What a joy!! Keep it up!!”
Ms. Bhawna Kothari, Parent of Abhimanyu Rai, Class II Basant

On ‘Masti Ke Ghol’

“Fun quotient, making the parent involved in positive thinking with the school. The level and method of involvement is such that one never feels like the parents do not know each other. Rather they work as a team to accomplish a target”.
Mr. & Mrs. Kumar, Parent of Kashvi Kumar, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“It gave us, a sense of belonging with the school. An  Excellent way of communicating with parents and teachers”.
Mrs.Karandeep Kaur, Parent of Nitbani Kaur, Ankur Bahaar

“We are able to connect with other parents, teachers and the school. These discussions bring more useful ideas and views”.
Ms. Swati Mehrotra, Parent of Shaurya Mehrotra, II Basant

“It’s an ideal platform for informal interaction to build a relationship”.
Rahul Mishra, Parent of Shriya mishra III Basant

“One word that sums up all ‘Innovation’.
Dinesh Punyani, Parent of Aashvi, Ankur Bahaar.

On ‘Learning to Learn’

“The ongoing process of assessment and evaluations, peer feedback – it is the best thing and was surprisingly happy to know that school has adopted this. Color Coding and Rubric system is also a good way of understanding the level of a child.”
Ms Bhavna Panicker, Parent of Aarav Vasudevan, Class III Basant

“I understood that the teachers really work hard to make the assessment of students, work on their strengths and weakness to share the reports with the parents and involve them and finally get to the correct evaluation of the student at the end of the academic session.”
Mr Basant K.Giri,  Parent of Airen & Miren Giri, Pallav Basant & III Basant

“It is best that the school stresses on ‘learning’ and the word “competition’ is at the bottom of the ladder here. To achieve excellence in any area, one does not need ‘competition’. All one needs is ‘motivation’ and a ‘love for learning’.”
Ms Pooja Ahuja, Parent of Vihaan Ahuja, I Bahaar

“In English, we must focus on listening, speaking, comprehension and reading then writing. There are many ways of assessing; paper and pencil are not the only way of assessing.”
Ms. Shuchi Rustagi, Parent of Utkarsh Rustagi, III Basant 

“We should let learning be fun. Liked the point made by teacher in Auditorium that we should not put pressure in these classes. We should let children enjoy childhood and not worry about Class XII marks in class I to VI.”
Mr Lokesh Bhog, Parent of Prakriti Bhog, III Bahaar

“Phonetics, soft sounds, mix sounds, concept of sound is very much clear to me so, it will help me at home while teaching.”
Vipul Kumar, Parent of Vivaan Kumar, Ankur Basant



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