Visit to the Mughal Garden and the Parliament Museum

The students of class VIII visited the Mughal Garden and the Parliament museum on 16th February, 2017. Spread over a... MORE


Visit to the Planetarium

Students of Pallav visited the Nehru Planetarium on Wednesday, 1st February2017. This visit was the entry event for their EVS... MORE

Visit to the Gandhi National Museum and Raj Ghat

The students visited the Gandhi National museum and Rajghat on 22nd December, 2016 to learn more about Mahatma Gandhi’s way... MORE


Visit to the National Science Center

On 20th December, a workshop on physics was organized at the National Science Centre, New Delhi, to inculcate a scientific... MORE

Political Science Enrichment

The students of class IX, X and XI attended a session on ‘Law and Judiciary’ as an enrichment learning, based... MORE


Trip to Baghan

School trips are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to... MORE

Trip to Agra

The students left on an excursion to Agra on the 28th of September, 2016. With all the hustle and bustle... MORE


Growing Up Years Workshop

The students of class V attended a workshop on- Growing Up Years, on 24th October 2016, in the school assembly... MORE

Cyber bullying workshop

A workshop was held on 24th October, 2016 by Mr. Rakshit Tandon an advisor to the cyber-crime unit across the... MORE


Visit to the Jim Corbett National Park

This year we went to the Jim Corbett National Park. It was scheduled from 28th to 30th September 2016.Not only... MORE

Visit to Qutab Minar

Visit to Qutab Minar – Class II As part of the theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’ students of Class II are studying... MORE


Trip to Jaipur

Walk through the Pink City – The Rajputana heritage retold ‘Travelling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a... MORE

Visit to Nursery

As an entry event, to introduce the topic ‘Plants’ in Environmental Studies (EVS), the students of class III visited a... MORE


Community Helpers

As a part of the theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’, children of Pallav are studying about ‘Community Helpers’. To explore this topic,... MORE

Ravana Refuses to Die

A man of many talents and an exuberant storyteller, Rustom Dadachanji visited our school on 3rd October, 2016 to conduct... MORE


Gangamma’s Gharial

On 8th September, 2016, Shalini Shrinivasan, a Crossword Book Award nominee visited our school. She came to talk about her... MORE

Visit by an Architect

As  part of the ongoing theme ‘Shelter’ the students of class I were studying about the layout of a house.... MORE


Visit to the Police Station

On Wednesday, 14th September, 2016 students of Pallav visited the Police Station of sector 17, Dwarka. This visit was organized... MORE

Making informed choices

A career workshop was organized for the senior school students to help them in making informed choices while choosing their... MORE


Talk by an environmentalist

While learning about ‘Water’, as a part of EVS theme ‘Air and Water’, an Environmentalist Ms. Akshita  Mishra was invited... MORE

‘My Neighourhood’

On 2nd September 2016, students of Pallav took a short bus trip in the vicinity of the school on 2nd... MORE


Visit to a Department Store

While exploring the theme ‘What I eat is what I am’, Pallav visited a departmental store in Sector 10 Dwarka... MORE

“What I eat is what I am”

On 19th August, 2016 an interactive session with a nutritionist Ms. Shruti Pawa was organized as part of our EVS... MORE


The Changing World

To provide an insight on the concept of plate tectonics and the related repercussions and as a part of the... MORE


The Talking Masks of Mexico

Exploring the annual theme-‘Around the world in 200 days’, the students of class VI visited the India International Centre on... MORE

“Land of This and That”

The children of class II were in for a big surprise as they learnt about nouns! Waiting for a ‘talk’... MORE


My Needs – Transport

While exploring the theme “My Needs- Transport”, the children of Class II visited the Metro Rail Museum at Patel Chowk... MORE

Heritage Walk to the Humayun’s Tomb

As part of their PBL (Project based Learning) on the Mughal Dynasty, the students of Class VII, accompanied by their... MORE


Visit to Japan Foundation

Class X went for a visit to Japan foundation on 6th of May 2016. As a part of the school’s... MORE

Talk by a Dentist

In order to understand the importance of dental care, as a part of the  EVS themes ‘Body Care’ and ‘Teeth’,... MORE


Exploring the World through Senses

The students of classes II to IV attended an interactive session conducted by Dr. Ashish Vashishth, an ENT specialist, while... MORE

Workshop on ‘Leadership’ by Knowledge XP – Explore, Experience, Expert

On the 5th of May, 2016, Thursday, All the members of the student council and a few select students of... MORE


Me and My Family

Pallavs explored their first theme of the year- ‘Me and My Family’ by organising an entry event on 18th April,... MORE

Culmination Event – Colours and Shapes

Ankurs explored their first theme of the year “Colours and Shapes” Throughout the month of April, 2016 and organized the... MORE


Nature Walk

Class II went to a nearby park for a Nature Walk on 19th April. It was a fun filled sensorial... MORE


Our Jungle Friends

As an entry event of our E.V.S theme “Our Jungle Friends” Pallavs visited the National Zoological Park, on 9th February... MORE

Talk on Water Conservation the Centre for Science and Environment(CSE)

The two experts on environment – development issues took a one hour session to brief the students about the importance... MORE


Visit to the Sewage Treatment Plant

Class lll Basant and lll Bahaar went to see the ‘Sewage Treatment Plant’ in the school as part of our... MORE


Visit to Axis Bank

Creating and managing a budget is a life skill that enables an individual to be fiscally responsible. Students of class... MORE

Early Bird Catches the Worm

As part of the ‘Making Correct Choices’ program the students of class tenth and eleventh undertook an aptitude test conducted... MORE


Getting to know ‘Bapu’

On 21st January, students of class 8 made a trip to Gandhi Ashram and Rajghat. The objective was to get... MORE


Talking Titans

The young mathematicians of class V are ticking on with their project of Time and Temperature. As an extension to... MORE

Face off with a Statistician

Students of classes VII researched on Data handling as a tool to organize, interpret and analyze any form of data.... MORE


Educational Trip to TERI RETREAT, Gurgaon

As a part of the PBL on plant reproduction, students of class 7 Basant and Bahaar visited TERI RETREAT ,... MORE

Visit to a Heritage Site

Students of class VII (Basant and Bahaar) went on an educational trip to Humayun Tomb located at Nizammudin, East Delhi.... MORE


Visit by Horticulturist

Students of class VII Bahaar are doing a Project Based Learning on topic ‘Plant Reproduction’. The aim of the PBL... MORE

Visit by an Architect

As a follow up of the visit to the construction site, Class 2 took a step further in studying their... MORE


Trip to the Parliament Museum

“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and the time has come when we shall redeem it….” The... MORE

Workshop on Footwear Making and Constructions

Mr Gaurav Singh, from Wilhelm India, conducted a workshop on Footwear Making and Constructions for the students of Classes 7th... MORE


We Seniors at Gwalior and Shivpuri !!

Forty- two students of Senior School, accompanied by seven teachers, visited the cities of Gwalior and Shivpuri as part of... MORE

Plant Adaptation

As part of the ISA Project on “PLANT ADAPTATION”, the students of class IV were taken to a nearby Nursery... MORE


Visit to Agra

The students of classes III and IV went for a  fun filled educational trip to Agra, city steeped in history... MORE

Trip to Gwalior- Shivpuri

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.                                        -Theodore Roosevelt  It is... MORE


Adventure at Jim Corbett..

Out station trips are a perfect time to bond with one’s peer group and also to discover one’s hither to... MORE

Go Green – Visit to the Nursery

As an introduction the topic ‘Plants’ in Environmental Studies (EVS), the students were taken to a nearby Nursery in Dwarka... MORE


Visit to the Police Station

As part of the EVS theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’, the Pallavs explored their Neighbourhood!They got to know about the various helpers... MORE

On the Move – Visit to the Metro Rail Museum

Children of class II visited the Metro Rail Museum at Patel Chowk on 9th September. They got to witness South... MORE


The Wonders of the Dark Skies

The children of class IV went to the Nehru Planetarium with the objective of fostering scientific temper and learning about... MORE

Visit to the Fire Station

As part of the environment studies theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’, our little Pallavs visited the Fire Station located in Dwarka, Sector... MORE


Learning outside the Classroom..

The biology students of classes  XI and XII visited the prestigious Biotechnology research laboratory at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology,... MORE

The Art of Problem Solving

Five students of class 12 attended a workshop, sponsored by Ashoka University, on ‘The Art of Problem Solving’ at the... MORE


Thus spoke the author…

This came true when on  August 14th 2015, Meghna Singhi the author of ‘PI Pojo-The Killing Of Mr. Heathcote’, conducted a Book... MORE

‘Growing Up Years- Understanding the Teenager’

Adolescent years of our children represent an important stage in the development of children where significant neural, hormonal and developmental... MORE


Trip Down Memory Lane Of India’s Glorious Past

As an introduction to the lesson on ‘Gandhiji Leads The Nation’, the students of class V paid a visit to... MORE

Footsteps On The Sands Of Time – A Visit To The National Museum

The entry event to the much awaited Project Based Learning (PBL) on Indus Valley was a visit to the National... MORE


‘Be a Buddy And Not a Bully ‘

The anti-bullying workshop was conducted on 22nd July, 2015 for the students of class VI & VII. The workshop began with... MORE

Workshop on ‘Leadership’ by Knowledge XP – Explore, Experience, Expert

On the 4th of July, Saturday, all the members of the student council and a few select students of class... MORE


‘From The Dentist’s Mouth’- A Talk On Dental Hygiene

Going to a dentist is a painful experience for most of the children but it can also turn out to... MORE

Fighting Diseases : A Talk On Vaccination

To go beyond text book learning on the topic of Micro-organisms, the students of class VIII attended a talk by... MORE


Workshop On Substance Abuse

Drug abuse is a prevailing evil in today’s urban society and young adolescents are perhaps the most affected age group. MORE

Career Counseling Workshop

A Career Counselling workshop was organized to help Senior students start thinking about the large and varied number of career... MORE


Nature Walk

As a part of their theme on ‘Senses’, the students of Class II went for a Nature Walk on the... MORE

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