What I Eat is What I Am

To mark the beginning of their second theme – ‘What I Eat is What I Am’ as Project Based Learning, Pallavs organised a fun morning with parents on 14th July, 2016. The objective of the event was to kickstart a new new theme and also to make the parents aware of what the new theme is all about.

The event  started with a short presentation for parents to help them understand the approach and flow of the  theme in the classroom. Next was quiz time, where various riddles based on food items were .

This was followed by activity time where  the students and parents moved from one station to another in small groups. The first station was ‘Sort Them Out’ corner where  they sorted the real food items into five different food groups (milk products, pulses, fruits, vegetables and cereals).

The second group went to Healthy khao, Healthy Banao’ corner, where they put together a balanced diet on their plates using pictures of different food items.

The third group went to Chit-Chat Over Chaat’ corner, where they had fun preparing delicious ‘channa chaat ‘with the help of the children.

The students were jubilant and excited while participating in this learning experience with their parents.