Annual Day – Cl. V to XII

Our students of classes V to XII presented a harmonious extravaganza of Indian Music, Western Music and Dance at their Annual Day on Friday, 9th December, 2016.

The unfolding of the ‘Journey of Life’ was presented through a creative and artistic rendition of music and dance. Parents proceeded on a scintillating ‘voyage of discovery’ where movement, beats, percussion and vocals not only traced the evolution of the Universe, but also shared the joy and exuberance of being a part of the Circle of Life.

Through an array of musical and dance performances by the students of classes V to XII, we tried to answer questions on ‘how did matter and life come to exist and how did our universe begin.’ Chanting mantras, Nakshatra Dance, Tandav and Big Bang with Indian Music, we gave wings to our imagination as we explored a mystical beginning of our universe.

Our students dazzling performance of the Lotus Dance, Shlokas with the Orchestra and a dance of the Five Elements left us wondering of life awakened in that hot gaseous matter left after the Big Bang.

The students of Senior School undertook a journey of self actualization, presenting to us with great gusto, songs and music from Indian and Western Music.

And with that spectacular, rhythmic extravaganza, the curtains came down on our grand event.