Inter-House Gymnastic Competition

The Fifth Middle School Inter-House Gymnastic Competition was held from 17th to 19th April, 2017 .There were  two categories for girls(Individual)–Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics

For the artistic gymnastics, students used four apparatuses-table vault, balance beam, uneven parallel bars and floor exercise to perfection

In Rhythmic gymnastics, five apparatuses – hoop, ball, rope, ribbon and clubs were used by our young gymnasts along with their personal music.

Gymnastics is a perfect example of stamina, flexibility, grace and strength. The children put up a brilliant display of sportsmanship, enthusiasm, energy and skill.

Results of  Artistic Gymnastics Inter-House Competition:

1st position Ikshita, Vanshika and Aranya                              Peepal House

2nd position Gauri, Abhyatee, NIvedita and Muskan           Banyan House

3rd position Jeeya, Priyanshi and Ada                                     Neem House

4th position Tanvi, Neelanjana and Akshara                          Ashoka House

Results of Rhythmic Gymnastics Inter-House Competition:

1st position Vaanya, Ananya and Diksha                               Banyan House

2nd position Saania, Nayessha and Harshika                         Peepal House      

3rd position Vasudha and Sanskriti                                         Neem House

4th position Rhytham and S. Janvi                                           Ashoka House