Visit to the Parliament Museum

As part of the Anveshan project the studnets of Classes IX and XI visited Parliament Museum, housed in the Parliament Library Building, close to the Sansad Bhavan. There, the students learnt about the emergence of democracy in India and the fact that it has always held great importance in India in all the three time periods- the ancient, the medieval and the modern period. They also discussed how the ideas of equality and secularism were promoted during the ancient and the medieval periods. For instance, during the reign of Emperor Ashoka, everyone was treated with respect and considered equal, whether it was a human, an animal, or any other living creature. In every phase, democracy has evolved and has been carved out in great detail. Right from the 1935 provincial elections in British India and the first elections held in independent India in 1952, to the modern-day regular Indian elections, the right to vote has been exercised to the fullest. They also saw a short documentary on the Indian Independence movement and the making of our Constitution. They learnt that our leaders, freedom fighters, and other unsung heroes and women had sacrificed their lives to attain the freedom that we are enjoying today. It was truly inspiring to hear Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s ‘Tryst with destiny’ speech in a replica of the Constituent Assembly. They returned endowed with immense knowledge about democracy and the importance of voting.