Culmination – Our Sense Organs

Class 1 culminated their EVS theme ‘Our Sense Organs’ on 14th July, 2017. The children presented two rhymes on sense organs, one in English and the other in Hindi. The rhymes were followed by a dance performance. There were five stations set keeping in mind the five sense organs. The first one was related to sight hence, the parents were blindfolded and they had to put the missing star on the board. Next was the taste station, which had crossword of different food items that can be carried to space by the astronauts. After this the parents moved to third station which had a mystery box where they had to put their hand in the mystery box and guess the item before pulling their hand out. A music station was set where live music was played and the parents had to guess the song. The last station had different things kept on the table in little bags and the parents had to smell and guess the item that was there in each bag. It was a well organized event and the parents along with the children had a great time.