Growing up Years Workshop

A workshop on ‘Growing up Years’ was organized for the parents of Senior School on the 16th September, 2017. The workshop was conducted by Dr Amit Sen, Director, Senior Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. The focus of the workshop was a peek into the issues faced by teenagers and how we as parents and teachers can help them to solve these problems. Dr Sen spoke about how the growth in human brain is an important indicator of the change in the way children think and react to their immediate surroundings. He also discussed about the impact of the surroundings and the pressure it builds up for the children. He also discussed about the way we all can act as a facilitator to help them ease the pressure. It was an interactive session where parents asked a lot of questions regarding the day to day problems faced by them in handling their children. The workshop proved to be very informative for the parents and it helped to answer a lot of their questions and queries.