Annual Day 2017-18

Annual Day 2017-18 Classes – Ankur, Pallav and One As a part of this year’s annual theme –Out of the World, the students have been exploring about various celestial bodies, cosmos and space.

At Nirmal Bhartia School, students are encouraged to learn in a multifaceted manner. It could be through books, story sessions, experiments and observations or even through fine arts like music, art and dance. On 1st December, 2017 Classes Ankur, Pallav and One showcased their learning on the occasion of their twelfth Annual Day at the Dr. S Radhakrishnan Auditorium, Delhi Cantonment.

The students presented an interesting story titled ‘Sunny Side of life!’ through dance-drama, as it is has been observed that dramatics and music encourage children to think, develop skills and confidence as they grow. The children enacted a story about the possibility of having Seven Suns in the sky! As the story unfolds, people get together to combat against these suns and their effects of overheating our Earth.

At this point, Sun dances and prances around to announce his super powers of heating everything around. The people invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman who then appoints the wind, snow and rain to scare and blow these suns away.

When they finally manage to do this immensely difficult task the roosters danced and celebrated the crack of dawn, while the owls danced the night away. At the end the balance and harmony in Mother Nature was resumed.

The students enacted this play with great enthusiasm and danced to foot tapping music composed by the teachers in school. The entire staff under the able guidance of the Principal, Charu Ma’am the writer of the script worked round the clock to ensure the show was a great success.