Project Based Learning on Space – Cl. IV

The students of Class-IV presented their PBL culmination on the EVS theme-Space on 23-february in the school auditorium for their parents and teachers. The end product of PBL was the Space organisations. All three sections had to research on different space organisations like NASA ( American agency), CNSA ( Chinese agency) and Roscosmos ( Russioan agency). The students also had to present a feasibility study concerning a human expedition to the planet Mars, Moon and Titan ( moon of Saturn) and present their findings on how possible such a major undertaking will be and how it may be accomplished. The presentation started with the musical choir singing ‘ Akaash Ganga’ which set the tone for the theme-Space. This was followed by PPT presentation where the students spoke about their journey from the beginning with a visit to the Planetarium and ending with the research on the space agencies. They also presented their research on their respective agencies like NASA, CNSA, and Roscosmos. After the presentation they tested the learning of the audience by conducting a quiz. The presentation ended with English Choir singing the song ‘Milky Way’. The HOS Junior school Ms. Vibha Basin addressed the audience and praised the students for their presentation. After the presentation the audience moved to the project area where the students had set up their stations on space organisations. There were astronauts, rocket engineers, researchers and the travel agency-PROs which set up their stations and presented their learnings to the parents. They were also interactive worksheets like- Crossword, Word search, Your weight on other planets, and draw your favourite constellations. It was an enjoyable experience for all.