Culmination : ‘Simple Machines’ – Cl. V

The students of class V culminated their Science project – Simple Machine, on 6th of March, 2018. The event was organised in the school auditorium at 9 am on Tuesday.The culmination started with the presentation of a PPT summing up the entire journey of the PBL.The End task for this PBL was to construct a complex machine using as many simple machines as possible. Children assumed the roles of designers, engineers and testers to achieve the end task. The final product – the machine was presented to the parents and teachers during the culmination of the project. There were 10 groups in total. Each one presented their machine in their own interesting manner incorporating a jingle, a story , an anecdote etc. They had prepared a pamphlet for selling their machines to the parents, which they distributed to them with pride. The event came to an end with a peppy number on ‘Simple Machine’, which the students had learnt in their Western Music class in order to memorize the names and the functions of the six simple machines.