Get Booked

The students of class VI Basant presented their first assembly of the new session titled , ‘Get Booked’ on 27th April. We began the day with a thought ….

“The act of reading is a partnership, where the author builds a house and the reader makes it a home.”

The assembly marked the culmination of a week-long Reading Project which was held across the school by the language department. Parth, presented a brief report and gave an insight to the students as to how we organised our readings of the day. This was followed by a short play presented by a group of students, highlighting the importance of reading habits and showing basic difference between informational text and fiction and also the different genres of books.  The play was an in-house production as Vihaan, Sparsh and Lavanya helped in writing and direction of the play. Maira impressed the audience with her poem, ‘I love Reading’.  A Lit- Fest was organised as a culmination activity, wherein a group of students shared excerpts of their readings with the audience. Riti, volunteered to make a PPt showing a glimpse of the Reading week in progress.

The assembly concluded with the school song and the National Anthem.