Senior School Excursion to Dehradun

The students of classes IX to XII of Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka went to Dehradun, Uttarakhand for their annual trip from 24th October 2018, Wednesday to Saturday, 27th October 2018. The group of seventy, accompanied by their teachers boarded their buses and went off to a new adventure.

On reaching Dehradun, they walked uphill to the Camp Spillway Retreat, where they were to stay during the trip. As soon as the sun set, the hill station got chilly and to boost everyone up, various warming up activities were done, after which dinner was served. At night, before bed, all the students either lay out to stargaze or went to each other’s tents to spend some quality time with their friends.

The next day started with the same chills and hot cups of tea and coffee, followed by warm up exercises.. The students were then taught how to navigate using compasses, and were divided into teams and set out to trek to a cave. The first part of the trek involved a trust walk where four students from each team led the others, who were blindfolded, to the first position.

From then on, the three teams trekked up the hills for five kilometers and stopped at the cave which they entered to see sulphur deposits. After exploring the cave, the whole group headed to the river bank to make their lunch. The group, after lunch, enjoyed the cold water of the river before heading back to the camp for a lot of adventure activities. Before dinner, music was set up and everyone danced their hearts out. Bedtime was nowhere in anyone’s minds. The next day started early with a lot of coffee.

The students were served breakfast on the buses as they were to travel for two hours to the Indian Military Academy. Everyone was excited to visit this prestigious institution and witness the training and see the lives of the cadets at the Academy. This made everyone realize that their lives were so easy compared to life in the armed forces.

The students witnessed the cadets going about their shooting practice with light firearms, and also learnt about the martial horses and their training. The group also visited the mess which could accommodate 1700 cadets to dine in at one meal. They also visited all the war memorials and saw the exhibits. Pizzas were served for lunch, in the bus itself.

The next stop was the Forest Research Institute where the students felt rather bored and disinterested to see the exhibits at the museum. That day, at the camp, a student’s birthday was celebrated, followed by two hours straight, of dancing. The students successfully made their teachers dance too. This was further followed by a bonfire. Bedtime came too soon, but the students did not sleep at all. The next day, it was time for the journey back but no one was ready to bid adieu to the camp and the adventures and the experiences they had had during the course of the three days.