Annual Day : Cl. Ankur & Pallav

On 2nd February 2019 students of classes Ankur and Pallav showcased a myriad of their talent in the Annual Day. The Annual function was based on the Annual theme How’dini…..The Magic of ‘HOW’ Things Work! A drama was staged which had few children enjoying the vacation who desired to invent a ‘magical vehicle’ and also wanted to explore the How’s and Why’s behind various natural phenomena such as how the water flows and the wind blows.

They captivated the audience with their insightful queries. For their each query they had their peers dancing to provide an insight to their quest. With the Ankur Malhaar dancing to the tune of ‘Bum-bum bole’ the mood to find answers to the Hows and Whys of these little dramatists was set ablaze.

As the drama progressed the stage was set on fire by the Ankur Basant children who marched as little ants. Pallavs’ Elocution about the water cycle enthralled the parents and the grandparents.

With the water cycle being talked about the audience witnessed a thunderous performance by the little ‘droplets’ of both Ankur and Pallav. When the drama further unfolded we had another set of dancers from these classes dancing to showcase the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Not only the natural phenomena were discussed in the drama, the ‘How’s and Why’s related to vehicles were also enquired by our little dramatists. Thus came the Ankur Bahaar children with a peppy ‘train dance’. The grand finale of the show was a dance on the song ‘There’s magic in the air’.