The VOICE of Our Community

Selected by our members after a series of deeply engaged discussions, and aptly coined into the acronym VOICE, the Values of Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence are a powerful and stirring articulation of the core values and beliefs that unite and define us.

Ownership reminds us that we are each inter-connected and part of a greater whole. Like the etymological origin of the Sanskrit name for the flying geese of our logo, hansa or aham sah or ‘I am that’, it helps us recognize that our very beings are shaped by the values, cultures and traditions of each of the different communities that we are a part of – our families, our School, the Nation, the global community and Nature. It is therefore incumbent upon us to accept a sense of responsibility, accountability and gratitude for the wealth and heritage they have each endowed us with.

Integrity reiterates that it is the development of high moral character that is our all surmounting aim. Inspired by the famed ability of the legendary goose or hansa to separate milk from water, it helps foster the fine discrimination required to distinguish all that is valuable and true from all that is false and untrue, and encourages the development of courage and confidence to live by the former.

Collaboration helps us build an environment of mutual respect and support. Ably exemplified by the incredible journey of the flying geese, it teaches us that it is far more important to strive to do your best and delight in the achievement of others, rather than strive to defeat them.

Excellence as an ideal encourages us to continually strive towards higher, better and more refined standards. It challenges the limits of our potential and thereby enables us to have a firm faith in the possibility of growing and augmenting the same. At the Nirmal Bhartia School, like the hansa of our logo, our children too continuously try to reach for the sun.


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