The Story of Our School

Our School is eponymously named after the young Nirmal Bhartia who tragically passed away at the early age of five. Distraught with grief, his parents, Smt Sajani Devi Bhartia and Shri Mohan Lal Bhartia, decided that since there was little they could now do to further the educational dream of their first born, they would do their very best to make the educational dreams of millions of other children in the country, an illumined reality. They committed themselves to building a school in their late son’s memory.

At the time of the tragedy however, the boy’s father was himself a young man, struggling to make a life with limited means and resources. And thus, it was only about five decades later, after a lifetime of enterprise, labour and saving that he was finally able to accumulate the resources required to purchase land, and start the process of giving shape to the memory and commitment that he had so carefully nurtured in his heart for the past fifty years.

The Nirmal Society for Education Promotion was established in the year 1997, and under its aegis, in 2001, a two acre plot in sector 14, Dwarka, was purchased from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). After a long period of planning and phased construction, the Nirmal Bhartia School first opened its doors in the year 2005.

Unfortunately however, due to the founder’s failing health, lack of appropriate leadership and other unforeseen hindrances the new school was unable to make the start that had been envisioned. Disappointed with its progress, and determined to build an institution that would do justice to the memory of the young Nirmal Bhartia, the Nirmal Society took a bold decision to appoint a new leadership team and officially restart the school in the year 2006.

The new team led by the founder’s granddaughter Mrs Pooja Jhaver as Chairperson, and Ms Charu Wahi, as founding Principal, drew inspiration from the poignant aims and intentions enshrined in the founding seed of the institution, and attempted to outline a distinctive and pioneering vision for the school.

The aim that each child be encouraged to grow and learn in a uniquely personalized and intimate environment, akin to that of a parent’s own nurture, led the team to focus on building a close knit learning community where individual attention was guaranteed and each child felt safe, special and secure.

Similarly it was the need to ensure that no child’s educational dream was prematurely cut short that underpinned their commitment to building a truly inclusive school. A school where diverse learning styles were respected and the health, well-being and safety of children was always a paramount concern.

The final, overarching aim was to build a school that truly ‘illumined’ the educational dreams of its students. And it was this that challenged the team to rethink pre-existing paradigms and foster a holistic learning process that valued the learning that was had not just from books and texts, but also from the diversity and wholeness of life itself – friends, peers, family members and the world around.

This then is the story of our school – a story of memory, commitment, determination, legacy and never giving up; and of the ambitious and passionate aims that came to shape our vision, culture and identity as a warm, caring community school.

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