Adventure at Jim Corbett..

Out station trips are a perfect time to bond with one’s peer group and also to discover one’s hither to hidden abilities and strengths.

To give this opportunity to every kid of classes V and VI the adventurous trip to Jim Corbett was set rolling and the merry group of teachers and students were seated in two luxury buses at six in the morning on 30th September.

Needless to say the jubilation and excitement started without any further delay.  We had our first stop at Gajraula and had yummy breakfast to satisfy every palate and marched on to our destination.

Our first step into the jungle was a roller coaster ride in the gypsy paving our way into the IRIS Resort. Having filled our stomachs with the rich Indian cuisine we set out on our rendezvous with the roaring tigers in the jungle safari.

We were fortunate to spot some tuskers , peacocks and spotted deer but had to be content sighting the pug marks of the endangered species, who was probably oblivious to the young visitors in his domain.

The next day began early with a Nature Walk followed by Body Surfing and Mission Impossible and other team building activities.

In the evening the students were regaled and mesmerized by some live performances, but soon took over the stage and entertained the audience with their spirited performance.

The last day the students dressed in their track suits for a walk to the village and some bird watching before  the final activity LNT (Leave no trace) .

It was now time to say adieu to Jim Corbett and start the journey back to school but the excitement had not ebbed in any way.

Enriched by this one of a kind experience the students brought back souvenirs and memories to share with their friends and kith and kin.