Annual Day – Cl. Ankur – II

“Real magic was pour down by little stars. It was amazing and fantastic to see little one’s performing and beating the winter chills. Thanks to teachers & NiBS”.
Ms. Shama Sheikh, Parent of Arhaan Khan Mansoori,  Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Magical Performance by little magicians. Loved it.”
Ms. Preeti Kishore , Parent of Kartikeyan, Class – I Malhaar

“Best compliments on school achievements and awards. Beautifully prepared and well groomed performances. Good to know about , Individual Attention Award; this is really a show stopper for the school. Keep Rocking ! ”
Mr. Naveen K Chauhan , Parent of Aviraaj Chauhan, Class – I Bahaar

“Beautiful riot of colors. Kudos to the teachers for putting in so much effort. ”
Ms. Kamal Preet, Parent of Guransh Singh, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Truly overwhelmed. Such an energetic and full of life show ! Thank you dear teachers and everyone for getting kids to perform with such confidence. ”
Ms. Keerat, Parent of Waaris Singh Kohli, Class – Pallav Basant