Annual Day : Cl. I & II

The cold and frosty weather of 2nd February was forgotten as Classes I and II presented their Annual Day. The annual theme for the students was the six simple machines and groovy gadgets. So the entire annual day was woven around this.

The journey began with the students welcoming their parents with a song ’Aao Haath Milayein’, setting the tone for the day. The students looked resplendent as they sang enthusiastically about the benefit of working together showcasing that if we work together we can achieve new heights.

With the belief that we should start anything with the name of God, our students presented the ‘Pushpanjali Dance’ a tribute to God seeking His blessings. The dazzling performance by the students showed the amount of practice they had done as each student danced in sync with one another.

Next, came the play ‘The Toy Story’, which was based on our annual theme showing the use of various simple machines. It showed the story of a doll which enters a household on the day of Christmas. In the beginning she feels quite superior to other toys as she is new and shiny but one day while playing her arm gets broken.

The other toys call ‘Handy Manny’ for repair and also give up one part each. It thus depicted how we should help each other in times of need. Since the play was based around Christmas time, we had a ‘Jingle Bell dance’ with the students grooving to lively Christmas music.

Looking at the astounding performance it was hard to believe that the kids were only 6 or 7 years old. They also sang an Italian song ’Un Poco Loco’. As the doll was feeling sad over her broken arm, someone came to cheer her up.

There was happiness and joy all around as clowns came visiting and performed an energetic dance for the parents. Their colourful clothes and cheery smiles lit up the day as everyone was soon moving to the lively music. As Handy Manny was able to fix her arm everyone was happy.

To mark the end of the play we had a ‘Finale Dance’. Students danced to the music of Hakuna Matata, All of us together and I like to move it. The stunning performance by the students left the parents spellbound and impressed