Annual Day – Cl. II to V

Annual Day Classes 2 to 5 NIBS celebrated its Twelfth Annual Day on 30th November, 2017 amidst great zeal and vibrance. The eagerly awaited annual day displayed a galaxy of programmes which was truly ‘Out of This World’.

The programme commenced with a scintillating welcome song, which aptly introduced the audience to the events that were to follow. Dressed in the soft shimmery attire like that of the moon the children sang melodiously and welcomed the parents with complete warmth.

This was followed by lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Pooja Ma’am, Charu Ma’am and Vibha Ma’am. Thereafter, Pooja Ma’am read out the welcome address to the audience and requested them to join in the celebrations with great enthusiasm. An invocation and later a ‘Ballad of Planets’, which told the story of each planet and its importance in the solar system was performed gracefully with precision.

The elocution and the song set the perfect introduction to the play “The Pluto’s Trial” which represented the turmoil of the planet Pluto on being discarded from the solar system and the disagreement of the other Planets.

This was followed by another play, “Pluto’s Game Plan” in which Pluto, with the help of a wizard, shrinks all the planets and throws them in a black hole. However, Pluto soon realizes his mistake as there is complete mayhem and calls the famous five for help.

As the story unfolds, the team of “Famous Five” meet a group of aliens on the way, and finally reach Kryton, the land of Super heroes, and with their help manage to get back the planets. Finally balance and order is maintained in the universe and “Famous Five” celebrate their joy of returning back to Earth and meeting their friends.

The children gave their best, and through the use of colourful props, strong dialogue delivery, beautiful costumes and foot tapping music kept the audience entertained. The evening came to a close with a singing performance by all the teachers, which drew an unceasing applause.