Annual Day – Cl. VI to XII

The Annual Day was celebrated at Nirmal Bhartia School with lots of enthusiasm and grandeur. The celebrations flagged off with the customary lighting of the lamp and Pushpanjali, a classical dance invoking blessings of the Almighty.

It was then followed by Alarippu, which means blossoming of the flower. To set the tone of the proceedings the Director of the esteemed institution addressed the audience and through her insightful speech offered a kaleidoscope of all the achievements of the session 2018.

Next to follow was an awe-inspiring English Play on the magic of how things work. Shortly after the English play was an English song presented by the students of class X conveying the essence of unity through the melodious rendition. To captivate the attention of the audience, the senior students presented a play in Hindi which was a satire on the contemporary social structure and bureaucracy.

A song was presented by the students of class XII conveying the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration. To add to the glory of the programme there was a musical extravaganza, a special presentation by the students of classes 6-8, displaying their specialization in performing arts.Their unique talent was brought to the forefront through both solo and group presentations which comprised violinists, pianists and a myriad students playing on the guitar.

A feast to the eyes was a gracefulgeese dance performancebythe students of classes VII and VIII. As the harbinger of a joyous season, the charm of the dance invoked positive vibes restoring peace. It was a symbolic representation of the victory of good over evil.To amuse the audience further, the students presented Indian raga and fusion songs in Hindi.

The orchestra in the end marked the grand culmination of the entire programme and the show-stopper indeed, was a melodious song of the golden era presented by the school fraternity.