Annual Day – Cl. VI to XII

The Mysterious Uni-Verse (Annual Day) On the 1st of December 2017, NiBS took off on a brand-new adventure destined to go ‘Out of this World’ and into the mystifying and intriguing realms of outer space. The Annual Day Production that was presented in the Sri. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Auditorium was indeed a delight to the senses. Pooja Ma’am’s inspiring message, conveyed through the story of a child exploring the ‘Universe’, gave a new perspective with the revelation of the ‘Uni + Verse’ which could be interpreted as ‘made of one verse’. This interpretation led the audience to being transported and held rapt in a world of music, dance and drama presented by the students of classes VI – XII. This special effort was for their siblings, parents and grandparents. The curtains unveiled with the ‘Cosmic Dance’, a contemporary dance, displaying the magical commotions in the universe by grade six. The audience was then given a peek into the past, present and future in the blink of an eye through a theatrical experience- ‘A Christmas Carol’. The play had its musical twists and foot tapping dance. Culminating the Senior School production, the Class XII batch of 2017-18 sang ‘Illahi’, as they came on to the stage for the final time. The Middle School Production was a display of the performing arts specializations. With mystery, magic and melody, students of classes VI – VIII depicted the solar system in all its beauty and grandeur. The dancers performed an array of dances, ranging from classical mash up of Bharatnatyam and Kathak to the fiercely energetic hip hop. Each piece depicted a planet and gave the viewers an insight of what the planet stood for. The choir of sixty five students created a harmonious symphony by depicting the role of the Moon and other planets through a musical rendition. The orchestra of pianists, guitarists and violinists played pleasantly to the beat of various songs and ended with the Beethoven Symphony. Adding an artistic touch to the Annual Day was the percussion act by three students of class IX. Using mouth and other instruments the students gave live music to a video clip which depicted the journey of life. The finale act was a union of songs celebrating life. Another high point of the evening was Charu Ma’am being felicitated for completing a decade plus as the founding principal. The Grand finale had the teachers performing a song after which the curtains came down on this year’s Annual Day.