he students of classes IX and XI participated in the annual competition- Anveshan organized by Itihaas. Every year the students research on a given topic, write lyrics and then put it into music. This year the topic of Anveshan was ‘change’. Under the Udgaar or the senior category, the students had to research on an event that according to them was a game changer either for their city, country or the world. The first step towards their journey involved days of brainstorming with their teachers about the significant changes in the world that have altered the way we look at and live life. They unanimously decided to focus on India and the most fascinating aspect of free India – the Right to Vote. They explored how this right has been an integral part of our culture since the ancient times, how it underwent a change when our nation was under the rule of the British and then finally how, as an independent country. They started with e-surfing and reading books and reference articles on the topic. They also watched many documentaries related to the entire process of drafting of the Indian constitution. A visit to the Parliament Museum was the first step towards understanding how choice to elect our representatives has been a part of Indian culture right from the time of Ashoka and how this right has taken new forms in our history. They also visited the Election Commission Museum to gain further understanding of ‘Right to Vote’, its significance and how the Constituent Assembly resolved to entitle to each and every citizen of India, irrespective of their caste, class, creed or religion, this right. The last milestone of their research was an interactive session with Mr. Subhash Shinde, a Supreme Court lawyer who not only gave them information about the Right to Vote and the legal framework around it but also answered all their intriguing questions and further provided them with interesting and unknown facts related formulation of this right. After acquiring knowledge about the Right to vote- its aspects, history, dimensions and importance, the students wrote the lyrics and created a beautiful song. They first performed at the Zonal round where they were selected among 400 schools. They then performed at the finals that was held on the 31st August, 2017 at the LTG auditorium and bagged the first prize in the ‘Best Lyrics’ category.