Architect Visit

The children of class 1 are learning about ‘Shelter’ in their EVS theme as a part of their theme they have explored the need of shelter and types of shelter . To strengthen their learning an architect was called to talk to the children about how a house is designed, what are the materials used and the process of construction. Ms. Aparna , an architect came to address the children and she began by introducing herself and her role as an architect. Followed by that she asked for a few children to volunteer and then a role play was done where the children played different roles of doors, windows, walls, roofs and made a house. This role-play helped the children to get a better and sound understanding of the layout of the house. She also showed a PowerPoint presentation to the the children and discussed about different houses and materials used depending on the region they belong to. At the end there was a Question- Answer session where the children got good opportunity to ask questions to the architect .With this a very informative and interactive session came to an end.