Assembly – Lazzee Lamhe

Aptly named ‘Lazzee Lamhe’, the class assembly by Class VI Basant was based on vacations and long summer holidays.  The assembly which was held on May 12th set the scene for long lingering summer days when one is in no hurry to do anything and has time for long afternoon siestas and late night chit-chat sessions with ones parents and siblings and of course planning for a picnic, trip or an excursion which is a mandatory part of holidays.

The Assembly began with the thought of the day, ‘People wait all day for Friday and the entire year for vacations to be happy’. The expectancy and excited build-up for the forthcoming summer holidays was portrayed in the form of a short play followed by a short self- composed poem by Harshita. This was followed by a Rap duet by Soham and Daaksh about the Do’s and Don’ts to be observed during summer vacations. The assembly concluded with a Cliff Richard’s song, ’Summer Holidays’ which was sung by the entire class.