Sports Morning – Ankur & Pallav

“Innovative amalgamation of sports + theme + travel. Very Creative. ”
Ms. Darilang Rymbai, Parent of Joanna, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Om’s grandparents were present today. Very great work !”
Ms. Smiti Singh, Parent of Om Sharan, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Great Show ! Superb ! Kids have displayed collaboration, co-ordination and skills which can only be taught with patience. Well done NiBS. Thank You.”
Ms. Madhavi, Parent of Nevaan Raj, Class – Ankur Basant

“Wonderful morning, had a wonderful time and went back to our school days. Great going NiBS ! Proud to be a part of NiBS community.”
Ms.Upasana, Parent of Akshat, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“We had a lovely time watching the kids perform. Synchronisation was amazing. Games were innovative. Loved & had fun playing with other parents. A big applause to all the school staff. ”
Ms. & Mr. Pandey, Parent of Rudransh, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“It was a wonderful experience to see the tiny tots dance, run on the beat and perfect synchronisation. Feast to the eyes. Thank You ! ”
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Class I and II – Sports Morning

The Sports Morning for classes I and II was organized on 17th   February 2017 at the school grounds upholding the spirit of celebrating sports. Among much zeal and zest, Charu ma’am flagged off the morning and welcomed all the excited parents.

The cheerful class I children took the field and performed the ‘Spear Drill’ bringing in the cultural learning of Egypt which has a close connection with spears.

This event was followed by a spirited Cricket Drill by class II students. They used the bats as props to show different cricket skills and strokes, displaying perfect coordination on the field.

The excitement soared as the students of class I and II participated in an array of races, cutely running, sprinting, balancing and jumping hurdles to complete the races. The races were designed keeping in mind the countries class I and II are exploring as per the Annual theme.

‘The Pyramid Race’, ‘Maori Race’, ‘Kenyan Safari Race’ to name a few. After the students’ events, the parents also participated enthusiastically in the races scheduled for them.

The parents showed tremendous sportsman spirit and got fully involved to make the day a great success.

Visit to the Mughal Garden and the Parliament Museum

The students of class VIII visited the Mughal Garden and the Parliament museum on 16th February, 2017. Spread over a vast expanse of 15 acres, the Mughal Gardens draw its inspiration from the Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir, the gardens around the Taj Mahal and even miniature paintings of India and Persia.

The student witnessed the blend of two different horticulture traditions – the Mughal style and the English flower garden and got an opportunity to learn about the varied flora, medicinal plants and flowerbeds.

Post that the students witnessed an interactive story-telling on Democratic Heritage in India and the Indian history of democracy in the Parliament museum.

The story was woven with the help of walk-through period settings with sound-light-video animation, large-screen interactive computer multi-media, immersive visualisation with multi-screen panoramic projection, virtual reality and animatronics.They learnt about the freedom struggle of India and the formation of the three pillars of our democracy.

Culmination – Cl. Pallav (Weather and Season)

Pallavs culminated their theme ‘Weather and Season’ on 20th January, 2017. Parents were invited for this event. We began with a PowerPoint presentation, which gave the parents an overview of all that the children learnt and experienced while exploring this theme. After the presentation, children of Pallav recited the poems based on the theme. After this the parents from each section of Pallav were given some words from the theme vocabulary. They were asked to pen down a sort poem for the given season and then present it to the rest of the group. Post the poetry session, children and parents moved to the ‘Seasonal Food Court’ set up for them in the open. Based on the season, food items were spread out for on the tables. For summer there was refreshing Tang, for winter it was peanuts and popcorns and under rainy we had assorted ‘pakodas’ sent in by the parents especially for this event. It was a winter morning well spent together with parents and children as we enjoyed food from each season sitting under the sun.

Visit to the Planetarium

Students of Pallav visited the Nehru Planetarium on Wednesday, 1st February2017. This visit was the entry event for their EVS theme ‘Our Solar System’.

Children saw a movie based on the Solar System. They learnt some facts about each planet and also the related vocabulary.

They also saw the exhibits related to the space displayed at the Planetarium. Children were amazed to see the rocket launcher PSLV1 and space capsule used by the Indian Astronaut Rakesh Sharma during his return trip from the space.

This visit has given a new perspective to children’s understanding about space and planets.


In a very special ceremony, Udaan, we bid farewell to our graduating class of 2017 on t 3rd February 2017.  The event was mixed with emotions of joy and sorrow as on one hand we were saddened at the thought of our flock of twenty Geese leaving our fold; we were also proud and joyous that they are all ready to soar high towards their dreams and aspirations.

The students of Class 11 put up a mesmerizing cultural programme which included an invocation dance, inspiring musical performances and a beautiful inspiring Poem recitation by Deepshikha.

Along with showers of love and blessings, the graduating class also received a personalized Year Book and designer ‘angavastra’ as mementos.

Head Boy Abhishek Kumar and Deputy Head Amrita Rajendran shared memories of their beautiful journey at NiBS and also expressed gratitude to their teachers for nurturing them with boundless love and care.

The slide show capturing memorable fun filled moments spent by the class of 2017 in school had all bursting into laughter as they enjoyed every moment spend in school.

Young at Art

‘Art is harmony parallel with nature. It has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate’.

The Young at Art children’s Art Festival and the Annual Art Exhibition was held on 3rd and 4th February 2017, displaying the artistic work created by our students for this academic session 2016-17.

YAA 2016-17 created a colourful kaleidoscope in the quadrangle showcasing the famous art forms of ‘Around  the World’. The painted pillars and walls, 3-D installations, Mosaic art, Paper Mache masks were the welcoming to the exhibit. The art works included paintings with oil pastels, soft pastels, water colours, charcoal, pencil shading, black pen art, Screen painting , Spray painting, Calligraphy and Typography, Collage making and Paper Folding Art.

All the above is taught in the art classes which aim to introduce to the young minds- the wide variety of art forms and explore the lives and work of great masters who contributed to the field of art. These ideas are then used as an inspiration by the students to create their unique art piece.

The showcase had a wide variety of handicrafts made using clay. The precise work of the hands rolling over the clay created an ‘Earthly Corner’ displaying carts, pots, animals and figures. The art of pottery practiced around the World was displayed in the exhibit.

The YAA celebration also included the visit of eminent artists from diverse fields of performing and visual arts, who interacted with the students and parent community displaying the rich horizon in the field of Arts. These sessions with the artists of Art, Music and Dance encouraged its viewers to appreciate the grace, discipline and beauty that arts bring to our lives.

Guests, parents and the students enjoyed taking a walk through this unique Art Exhibition which displayed the work of our young hands.

Sports Morning – I & II

“It was nothing less than Sports Day  ”
Mr. & Ms. Verma, Parent of Aadita Verma, Class – II Bahaar

“It is the best event in a way that my child was so enthusiastic about it, please continue the spirit.”
Dr. Reema Rai, Parent of Jishaan Rai, Class – II Basant

“Really Sporty Morning, for the parents, teachers & children !
Ms. Priya, Parent of Pragya Jassal, Class – I Malhaar

“Great job done. Well done the entire team of NiBS. Looking forward for each such school activity. Thanks !”
Ms. Kajal Bakshi, Parent of Kaarnik, Class – I Bahaar