Gangamma’s Gharial

On 8th September, 2016, Shalini Shrinivasan, a Crossword Book Award nominee visited our school. She came to talk about her new book ‘Gangamma’s Gharial’ an unusual fairytale both for children and adults.

The author was welcomed and introduced by one of our students. To hook the students on to her new book, the author started with a brief amusing introduction and read out excerpts from the story. The student showed a lot of curiosity in the book. Once they got a glimpse of what the book was about, they were eager to know what would happen next. They asked the author various questions about the book and herself.

She spoke to them about the difficulties of writing and also how she gets her ideas from various places and people. She spoke about the time that it took her to write the book or that it normally takes her to write a book. The students got to know that she uses her computer to pen down her thoughts, and nothing fancy as they would imagine.All questions were answered patiently and Shalini Shrinivasan was more than glad to interact with the students. She personally spoke to a few students after the session, out of which one student said that she encouraged her to pursue her passion for writing poetry. The students were happy to meet the author and enjoyed the session as they were intrigued by the story. They especially enjoyed the vivid and expressive storytelling of the author, leaving the students wanting to know more about the story. It ended with the author signing off each book personally for the students.