‘Be a Buddy And Not a Bully ‘

The anti-bullying workshop was conducted on 22nd July, 2015 for the students of class VI & VII. The workshop began with a discussion on bullying wherein the teacher explained to the students what bullying means and what all does it entail. The surprised look on the children’s faces said it all , so many of them didn’t know that merely touching someone’s things or fiddling with them also amounted to bullying if the owner didn’t like it or protested against it. Needless to say the workshop turned out to be an eye opener for the youngsters stepping onto the threshold of teenage. The students, on their part, too voiced their understanding of the term bullying. The students were also taken through a power point presentation on the various types of bullying to help them identify bullying when it takes place anywhere around them and also to make them understand what roles  they should play when it takes place. How to report bullying? How to get help and how to stop bullying? All this was explained to the kids with adequate examples. The students answered a questionnaire which was followed by a discussion on:

How does bullying feel?

Why does bullying happen?

What can I do?

The students did a few more activities and shared their experiences with their peers. The workshop ended with the students taking a pledge to ‘be a buddy and not a bully’.