“The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation” A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Class 2 culminated their EVS theme ‘Birds’ on 14th December, 2017. To begin with, students took the parents through a Power Point Presentation which showcased their learning’s during the theme. Children spoke about their activities, research work and knowledge that they gained while exploring the theme. The children presented a song on birds. Thereafter, parents and children attempted the activities set up for them at different stations. There were four stations set up. The first one was solving a ‘Crossword sheet’ with clues about names of birds. Students were helping the parents solve these sheets using the knowledge gathered while exploring the theme. Next station, was ‘Feed the bird’, where stick birds were displayed with mixed food in bowls. Parents and students had to feed the bird with proper food. ‘Pin the beaks’ was another station where the bird pictures were displayed on the mobile board without the beaks of the bird. Cut out of mixed beak were kept in the bowls. Parents and students had to pin the right beak to the bird. Last station was ‘Birdy thumb printing’, Parents and students had to draw a bird around the thumb print given to them. There was children’s clay work displayed in the birdy area. Parents appreciated work done by the children before leaving. It was a well organized event and the parents along with the children had a great time.