Build your World

In keeping with the Math theme, ‘Shapes’, the children of class one learnt about various kinds of shapes and their properties. To strengthen their learning an urban developer Ms. Sakshi Chadha, was invited to give a talk on how a city is planned. She began by giving her introduction and the kind of work she has to do as a town planner. After this, she showed a presentation to the children wherein she first explained to them the meaning of a town and what exactly town planning is.

For this she also showed them a map of Dwarka. This was followed by a discussion on all the components which make a city like a hospital, school, houses, office and market. Thereafter she spoke about various people who are an important part of a city like a doctor, carpenter, policeman, fireman, teacher e.t.c. To make the talk interactive she encouraged the students to ask questions and patiently responded to each one of them.

The students learnt that town planning means making places better by putting the right things in the right place like buildings, roads, and parks—should go in which places.
This makes cities livable and safer too.