Building Closer Ties with Korea

As a part of ‘Exploring New Horizons’ – an initiative that endeavours to provide varied interesting and enriching experiences to NiBS educators, we visited the Korean Cultural Centre on 18th May. The Director of ‘KCC’ Dr. Kim Kum Pyoung extended a warm welcome to us and also shared some interesting snippets about the Korean culture. We also got an excellent opportunity to learn about the Korean script, its origin and a few basic greetings in the language.

Our hospitable hosts had organized a range of activities to help us get acquainted with the Korean culture. While many of us rushed to try their hand at Tuho, a traditional Korean game, others adorned the traditional dress Hanbok and got themselves clicked to preserve this beautiful experience for ever. Learning some Taekwondo techniques from martial art experts, walking around the art gallery and gazing at the vibrant photographs depicting the beauty of Korea and browsing through books on Korean culture keep us blissfully engaged for hours and before we knew it was time to gorge on some exotic Korean dishes that had been specially prepared for us.

The visit to the Korean Cultural Centre was a wonderful experience that helped us in understanding, appreciating and warming up to an exciting country with which we share a close cultural heritage