7:40 am – Departure from NiBS for Camp Wild.

10:45 am – After settling in and running around a bit we enjoy a wholesome breakfast puri-aloo, eggs and vegetable sandwiches.

11:15 am – Warming up as we gear up to participate in different activities.

12:15 pm – Super Sleuths on an Adventure Trail…

1:30 pm – Famished after a morning of hard work, we enjoy a feast of rajma-rice, shahi paneer, veggies, raita, papad and yummy halwa..!!

3:30 pm – Hungry Kya…!? Come and enjoy hot french fries and a cool juice with us.

4:15 pm – All too soon…an exciting day nearing closure

4:30 pm – On our way back…

ETA 6:00 pm.

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