Culmination – Cl. I

“This is experimental learning. This should be held more often”.
Ms. Basant Kumar Mohanty , Parent of Anindita Mohanty ,  Class – I Malhaar

“Aadhya said everywhere is shapes in clock, bed, pillow, mirror every time she spoke about the shapes.”
Ms. Renu Sharma , Parent of Aadhya Sharma , Class – I Basant

“Spoke supremely confident english. way beyond expected and pleasantly surprised. Smart city with drones was nice .”
Mr. & Ms. Rana, Parent of Diva Rana , Class – I Basant

“He has learnt 2D & 3D and the difference.”
Ms. Geetika, Parent of Vihaan , Class – I Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop

“The aspects from which Dr. Patri’s workshop which I found most useful were how to be a good parent and how to reply to kids ”.
Ms. Sugandhi , Parent of Meher, Class – IV Bahaar

“These aspects of the session were the most interesting and useful like good touch and bad touch, good behavioural records to be maintained for kids, throwing out of mind our own thoughts (changing ourselves before bringing the change in kids.”
Ms. Meghmani , Parent of Kiyaan Bajaj, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“Yes, my queries were answered through other parents questions as well, though I didn’t ask but it was very helpful ”.
Ms. Latika, Parent of Driti Talwar, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“The best part was the techniques told to instill good behaviour. It also helped to shed our inhibitions while talking to our son and start with an open slate”.
Mr. Chandeep Singh, Parent of Harjap, Class – Ankur Basant

“Assessing yourself before you assess your child’s behaviour as your values drive your actions or reactions. The good deed diary encourage good behaviours and thoughts”.
Mr. & Ms. Singh, Parent of Sidak, Class – Ankur Basant

“It was interactive. Quite need based and related to real issues. Also, the suggestions were real”.
Ms. Bhanu Jain, Parent of Ishaan Goel, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Showed me the mirror and to make me understand that time and patience are the most important things you need to do all that you expect from your child”.
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – III Basant

“I found the following aspects most useful like modes of communication and how to talk about child abuse and safe places”.
Ms. Kamalpreet, Parent of Guransh, Class – I Basant

Workshop on ‘Packing a Healthy Tiffin’

“I will make them eat fruits and sprouts on regular basis. Use flax seeds, pumpkin seeds often and use missi atta made at home”.
Ms. Shruti Tyagi , Parent of Yashveer Tyagi , Class – Pallav Malhaar

“New recipes which are easy to make and also can be taken by adults too.”
Mr. Nishant, Parent of Atharva Srivastava, Class – Ankur Basant


Culmination Cl.II

“Yes, the learning of the topic was evident very much and its needed for all to respect time including children and parents”.
Mr. Rajiv Kataria , Parent of Aayaan , Class –II Basant

“It is always a wonderful experience working with a child or his/her project as two experiences merge together.”
Ms. Bipreen Kaur, Parent of Jaskin Kaur, Class – II Basant


Culmination Cl.V

“We as a family were involved in going through concept of profit/loss and also some suggestions for content of the game. ”.
Mr. Manjeet Singh , Parent of Suhavi Pruthi , Class –V Basant

“The main strength I could notice was that they were able to calculate very quickly.”
Ms. Prathiba, Parent of Aahana Bhandari, Class – V Basant

“We played many games, kids were able to answer our questions about profit and loss confidently.”
Ms. Harpreet Ghai , Parent of Rhythm, Class – V Malhaar

Learning to Learn

“Very good experience, observing the technique in which teachers are sharing knowledge with kids”.
Ms. Papiya Bhattacharya , Parent of Advait Srivastava , Class – IV Malhaar

“A great initiative, mind opener for few points discussed, any changed the point of view.”
Mr. Rajan Verma, Parent of Kuhu Verma, Class – XI Basant

“Yes, it gave me insights on learning. I am happy to learn will follow same at home.”
Ms. Jyoti , Parent of Tejas, Class – I Bahaar

“Yes, it was really amazing to see the children making the concepts understand through various practically learned concepts.”
Mr. Yogender Kumar, Parent of Vaanya Dhiman, Class – IV Bahaar

“Hindi – Since I haven’t studied hindi at all !.”
Mr. Prakash Natrajan, Parent of VVivaan Prakash, Class – I Malhaar

‘Growing Up Years’ Workshop

“Yes, very helpful. In busy world it helps to again focus on participating”.
Mr. Lokesh Bhog, Parent of Prakriti Bhog,  Class – VII Basant

“Encouraging, Building Trust and parenting style – right balance were very useful.”
Mr. Rajan Verma, Parent of Kuhu Verma, Class – XI Basant

“Communication, anger management and ABC of parenting.”
Ms. Prarthna Goel , Parent of Prisha Goel, Class – VI Bahaar

Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“He could relate to a lot of aspects of emotions with family and their presence in life”.
Ms. Arpita Nigam, Parent of Kabir Nigam,  Class – Pallav Basant

“We did it together, I found it interesting when the child had to think of lot of facts about his family.”
Ms. Megha Kalia, Parent of Parth Kalia, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We did rhymes as the theme together at home. We also discussed worksheets .”
Ms. Sheetal Sharma, Parent of Inayat Mudgal, Class – Pallav Basant

Masti Ke Ghol – 2019

“Kids loved the theme of this year ‘Heroes & Sheroes’, and we always enjoy any event organised by school involving us ‘Parents’ and ‘Students’ along with Teachers. Thank you so much for putting such effort in everything”.
Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Parent of Anhad Singh,  Class – I Basant

“Such a lovely show. Good start of weekend for us. Thanks a lot for inculcating great values and awareness among  kids on use of plastic from such a young age !!”
Ms. Rashi Khattar, Parent of Maurya Khattar, Class – I Malhaar

“We liked the way parents were engaged to deliver learning to kids. We also liked the work of student council in orchestrating the event .”
Mr. Atul Sinha, Parent of Samriddhi, Class –IX Basant