Exploring New Horizons

Exploring New Horizons is an initiative through which all the teachers get a chance to explore something that goes beyond the realms of teaching. Keeping in mind our Annual Theme ‘Heroes and Sheroes’, this year on 24th May, 2019 we visited an NGO Unnati-Family of Disabled (FOD), working for the betterment of people with disabilities who are trained in various vocations to enable them to earn a livelihood either through their own ventures or by securing jobs.

We explored different units at FOD. The first one was a cutting and tailoring unit, the second one was a computer training unit working in collaboration with Microsoft. The special feature of this unit was the eye tracking digital technology installed on their computers which helped the impaired to type in by tracking the movements of their retina as they looked into the screen.

Finally we visited the unit manufacturing Newspaper Pencils which was a unique product. The sturdy pencils were ecofriendly as they were made neither from wood or any other paper. It supported recycling as it was made from newspapers and helped protect the environment as it saved trees from being cut down. The shop selling these products was a big hit and everyone wanted to take back something which Unnati had to offer. Seeing the remarkable drive and determination to never give up, of the people working there, was indeed inspiring.

The Magic We Retreat

THE MAGIC WE RETREAT Cheer and bonhomie pervaded the portals of NiBS as the faculty assembled to board the bus for the Annual Team Building Retreat at Jaipur on 20 September 2018.

We were welcomed by beautifully landscaped sprawling lawns at the resort. A scrumptious lunch and a few relaxing moments got us ready for our confluence. The session kick started with a little warming up followed by Pooja maaam and Charu Maam taking us down memory lane about the inception and journey of NiBS.

The session definitely helped the new members o the family to develop a connect with the roots of the institution. This was followed by ‘Lakshya’ –This session was divided into – A crack where the light gets in – Making it UP as we go – Something is better than nothing – Doing our best – Never give up We viewed some inspirational videos and were asked to share our perceptions regarding the same.

It was amazing to note how a single clipping elicited so many varied responses ranging from -we all need a crack for the light to get in, not to give up, seeing beauty in imperfections, importance of asking questions, focusing on skill development ,strength of conviction, we decide what we want to be, importance of asking questions to share learning and experiences Voice of Promise- the teachers were asked to incorporate values of PROMISE in VOICE and present the same to the team.

The day ended with much jubilation and cheer with Charu Maam sharing the all India rank of the school DAY 2 Day started with a morning trek for teachers. The formal sessions started with ‘The Game Plan’- where various interesting games were organized.

The teachers were divided into random groups leading to a lot of interaction and camaraderie. Clipping from the movie, ‘Stanley ka Dabba,’ aimed at all of us reflecting on the kind of teacher we would like to be. We also shared our unique experiences in classroom situation as well as some of our personal experiences. Filling up of ‘Feed -back’ forms helped us to reinforce the main aspects of the retreat and also allowed us to give our view point and suggestions.

Evening brought in a beautiful surprise for all of us with Charu Ma’am bringing in the personalized slam books for each of us giving us unique titles. It surely reflected the love and affection that school management has for each family member of NiBS, making every individual new or old feeling so special. Manish Sir added the cherry on the cake with his impromptu songs for each teacher!

DAY 3 Day 3 dawned with lot of excitement and anticipation for the most awaited activity- Shopping. Jaipur is a known for its exquisite jewellery and traditional clothing and all the members shopped zealously for their dear ones in the bazaars of Jaipur not in the least deterred by the drizzle.

The retreat came as a stress buster and rejuvenating outing but the journey back to Delhi reminded us all of the pending result work…… The teachers are avid lifelong learners, imbibing new skills with each new experience. Understanding our history and school ethos is important to develop a long lasting bond with the institution we are attached to…The retreat provided an ideal opportunity for the same.

Exploring New Horizons

Exploring New Horizons is an initiative through which all the teachers get a chance to explore something that goes beyond the realms of teaching and yet can be incorporated in our classrooms. Through the years we have been to many places like The Humayun’s Tomb, The Nehru Planetarium etc. This year as part of the annual theme ‘Howdini’- The Magic of how things work, we got a chance to visit the National Science Centre near Pragati Maidan. The place is a treasure trove of simple science experiments that appear magical till you get to know the science behind them. We first explored the wonders of ‘Water- The elixir of life’. We got to know about the Yamuna cleaning project and its effects in keeping the holy river clean. Next we were transported to the Stone Ages where we saw how surgeries took place in ancient times, how people made perfumes and many such things. We learnt about the Brahma’s Disc, how people smelted iron in ancient times and we also learnt the secret behind the iron pillar at Qutub Minar. We learnt about the different monuments. Moving on to the life sciences we had fun doing a lot of experiments like walking on a beam balance while looking in a mirror, going through a mirror maze, learning all about the mysteries of our body and its organ systems and many more such things. Then we entered the world of communications and learnt about how it developed. We saw an old telegraph office, a movie set from the 70’s and the old television sets. They evoked a lot of memories of a bygone era. We also had the opportunity to go to the Jurassic Era and meet some of the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth long before man came into the picture. Lastly there was an informative exhibition about Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. All in all it was a truly enriching experience and I would love to visit it again though with the luxury of time so that I may explore all the exhibits

Demonstration Session on Experimental Activities in Physics

Prof. Ved Ratna Memorial Lecture at Mt. Carmel School, Dwarka organized by IAPT On 14th April 2018, Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), Regional Chapter- Delhi and Haryana organized the 6th Prof. Ved Ratna Memorial Lecture in Mount Carmel School, Dwarka. Prof. Neeraj Khare from IIT Delhi delivered the lecture on nano particles and their applications. Dr. Khare explained nanotechnology through a PowerPoint presentation and examples from nature. He emphasized that substances behave differently at that scale and the coming decade is important for research in nanotechnology so it would be a good idea to familiarize school students with it. The lecture was followed by a demonstration session of experimental activities in physics by Dr. S.K. Singhal, who through easily available materials illustrated chromatic aberration, intereference pattern, surface tension of water, pressure difference in fluids,material absorption etc. Ms. Chandni Khanna attended the session from NiBS and shared her learning with her students in a special assembly.

Museum Learning Masterclass

India and the world- A History in nine stories Venue- Special exhibition Hall, First Floor Conducted by- Flow India in collaboration with The British Museum The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the educators of various schools to the concept of taking a small part of History of India and connecting it with events happening in other parts of the world simultaneously. The exhibition chronologically encapsulated the evolution of Indian civilization since antiquity and its interconnectedness with the outside world through a raft of exquisite artefacts from India and abroad. ‘India and the World: A History in Nine Stories’ offered insights into two million years of history. The exhibition showcased some of the most important objects and works of art from the Indian subcontinent, in dialogue with iconic pieces from the British Museum collection. We were given four lesson plans along with worksheets to attempt after the end of the session. The sessions were presented by Habiba Insaf, Head of Pedagogy and Learning, Arundhati Mitter, Director India and J D Hill Research Manager, British Museum.

Delhi’s History and its Heritage

Intach has recently organized a workshop on teacher training on the subject Delhi Heritage on 24th April 2018. The workshop began after registration around 9:30am. Workshop was divided into seven sub sessions.First session was taken by Prof ACG.Menon on Delhi ‘s heritage and issues related to Delhi urban heritage where he focused on architecture, urban planning and conservation of monuments in Delhi.It was followed by session taken by Dr Narayani Gupta on History of Delhi Heritage. Third session was conducted by Gita wahi Dua on Mapping of Delhi, where she laid emphasis on landscape and the changes witnessed by Delhi. Dr Vasant Kumar spoke about Archaeological excavations in Delhi and conservation of Delhi’s Monuments. In the second last session Intach introduced book titled “Delhi ki shaan” which consisted of various ways in which a teacher can orient students towards the rich heritage of Delhi which further comprises of heritage of natural, built and material in nature. Finally the session ended with a film by Heritage communication and education division followed by discussions on how to utilize various aspects of Heritage for knowledge enrichment of students. It was an enriching workshop.

Sip your Physics Hot

Report on Physics Workshop in Birla Vidya Niketan on 13th October 2017 In order to encourage teaching and learning of physics through innovative activities, Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar organized a workshop for physics teachers on 13th October 2017 titled “Sip your physics hot”. The program was conducted by Dr. H.C. Verma, ex- professor, IIT Kanpur. One teacher from NiBS, Ms. Chandni Khanna had the golden opportunity to be a part of the program, which consisted of two sessions, a thought provoking lecture on Thermodynamics with the students and teachers, and another with teachers on Non conservative electric fields. In the first session, Ms. Pragya Nopany, physics teacher of BVN, narrated few short stories and asked the students to relate them to the concepts of physics. The students and teachers participated enthusiastically in the question answer session and Dr. Verma concluded the discussion by encouraging students to relate their learning with everyday life. The second session was a demonstration lecture by Dr. Verma in which he showed the thermoelectric effect and induction of current in a coil to the teachers present. He also discussed non conservative electric fields in detail. The teacher shared her learning with other science teachers in the vertical meet so that they could also incorporate instances from everyday life in their teaching, making learning contextual.

Master Trainers Programme in Information Security Education & Awareness (ISEA)

The IT Safety and Security meeting was held at Step by Step School Noida on 27th October 2017. We discussed the importance and relevance of safety and security of students and staff and how technology plays a vital role in ensuring that all security and safety parameters are met. Most of the schools are reviewing their security policies and procedures to fill the gaps and their IT departments/personnel are actively involved in planning, implementation and maintenance of these systems at various capacities.
The key focus areas were on mapping movement of student and staff in the school campus, attendance systems, visitor/vendor management, CCTV surveillance systems in school campus, school buses and live surveillance/recording accessible to the parents. It was a good learning experience for us.

Capacity Building Programme

Capacity Building Programme- Workshop conducted by CBSE Date : 18th and 19th of January 2018 Venue: The Indian Heights School, Dwarka, Sec- 23, New Delhi 110075 Number of participants: 60 Name of the teachers who attended the workshop from our school: Ms Abhilasha Chotia and Ms Babita Verma Name of the resource persons 1. Mr. R. K Srivastav 2. Ms. Meenu Tiwari The workshop was well placed with having a mixture of relevant, comprehensive content and activities based on strategies and competency for effective transaction of the curriculum. The sessions of the workshop were well planned and delivered effectively. It incorporated new pedagogies of teaching Science to the classroom, evaluation strategies and the scope of practical work with effective transaction. The workshop involved the discussion and summarisation of NCF 2005 policy and the curriculum with respect to the subject was discussed. The facilitators provided a room for discussions and all queries were addressed politely. Thereby, proven as Capacity building workshop.

Seminar on Safety & Security in Schools

Safety of children in the school premises is as important as delivery of quality good education. Living up to the above statement; FICCi Arise in collaboration with Ernst & Young and Mundkur Law Partners organised a seminar on Safety and Security in Schools on 8th December 2017 at the FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi.
The seminar was empanelled by eminent speakers from various fields who spoke about the safety and security issues schools face in today’s scenario. The seminar aimed to ideate and debate on the essentials for the whole school safety and to provide a holistic approach for child safety and security within the school. The perspectives of stakeholders such as School Management, Administration, Parent, Media, Teachers, Laws, Regulatory Agencies etc. was highlighted capturing the different nuances and role played by them. A separate session on advancement in technology and solutions for security measures was conducted which could help schools to provide a safer environment.