Learning to Learn

‘Learning to Learn’, is a unique platform wherein the parent community gets an opportunity to actually experience the different methods of teaching learning process happening in Nirmal Bhartia School. This year we shared the collaborative and differentiated approach to learning based on the curriculum and the subject specific skills in the classroom.  ‘Learning to Learn’ initiative was held on 20th July 2019 in the school.



The teacher representative of classes 1 and 2 took the parents through a lesson done in class and explained how the strategies of ‘Think Pair Share’ work  and change the end of the given story, ‘The Ant and the grasshopper’. The students of Class 3 wrote self-composed original poems using the same strategy, after having learnt Animal Poems. Grammar concepts were shared by students of Classes 6-8 with the parents with much enthusiasm. The students of Class 10 did an activity using a collaborative strategy, ‘Circle of Writers’.



20 जुलाई को Learning to Learn हुआ, जिसमे कक्षा एक से लेकर कक्षा दसवी तक की हिन्दी कार्य प्रणाली दिखलाने के लिए चार स्टेशन रखे गये । हिन्दी भाषा को पढ़ाने के तरीके केलिए पी पी टी थी, जिसमे अभिभावको को हिन्दी भाषा को पढ़ाने के विभिन्‍न तरीके दिखलाए गये । अभिभावको को बताया गया कि निर्मल भरतिया स्कूल में हिंदी किस प्रकार पढ़ाई जाती है। एक बोर्ड भी बनाया गया था, जिसमे डी आई और सी एल को समझाया गया था तथा कुछ फोटो लगाई गयी थी जिनमे छात्र इनके द्वारा राइटिंग और रीडिंग प्रॉजेक्ट कर रहे थे ।

सभी कक्षाओ के नमूने यानि sample रखे गये, जिनमे कक्षा एक और दो की आ से संबंधित डी आई गतिविधि रखी गई, जिसे कक्षा एक और दो की अध्यापीकाओ ने प्रस्तुत किया । कक्षा तीन से पाँच तक की Noun से संबंधित कार्यपत्रिकाए रखी गई, जिनमे टॉकिंग चिप्स द्वारा गतिविधि शुरू की गई। नाउन के भेदो को आसानी से सीखाने के लिए सर्कल ऑफ राइटर्स का प्रयोग किया गया । कक्षा छ्ह से आठ तक सर्वनाम से संबंधित डी आई गतिविधि रखी गई। जिसमे सर्कल ऑफ राइटर्स के द्वारा सर्वनाम व उसके भेदो को समझाया गया था । कक्षा नो से दसवी तक अड्वर्टाइज़्मेंट पर कार्य करवाया गया, जिसमे छात्रों ने अभिभावको से अड्वर्टाइज़्मेंट बनवाए । कक्षा एक को छोड़कर सभी कार्य छात्रों द्वारा समझाए गये व गतिविधियाँ करवाई गई। छात्रों ने ही सभी प्रश्नो के उत्तर दिए व अभिभावको के साथ गतिविधिया की । सभी अभिभावको ने छात्रों को सराहा ।


Social Science

The Social Science department conducted a series of activities ranging from worksheets to power point presentations. The department had divided the entire programme into four main sections and each of these 4 groups demonstrated the different strategies that the teachers use inside the

Senior School Excursion to Dehradun

The students of classes IX to XII of Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka went to Dehradun, Uttarakhand for their annual trip from 24th October 2018, Wednesday to Saturday, 27th October 2018. The group of seventy, accompanied by their teachers boarded their buses and went off to a new adventure.

On reaching Dehradun, they walked uphill to the Camp Spillway Retreat, where they were to stay during the trip. As soon as the sun set, the hill station got chilly and to boost everyone up, various warming up activities were done, after which dinner was served. At night, before bed, all the students either lay out to stargaze or went to each other’s tents to spend some quality time with their friends.

The next day started with the same chills and hot cups of tea and coffee, followed by warm up exercises.. The students were then taught how to navigate using compasses, and were divided into teams and set out to trek to a cave. The first part of the trek involved a trust walk where four students from each team led the others, who were blindfolded, to the first position.

From then on, the three teams trekked up the hills for five kilometers and stopped at the cave which they entered to see sulphur deposits. After exploring the cave, the whole group headed to the river bank to make their lunch. The group, after lunch, enjoyed the cold water of the river before heading back to the camp for a lot of adventure activities. Before dinner, music was set up and everyone danced their hearts out. Bedtime was nowhere in anyone’s minds. The next day started early with a lot of coffee.

The students were served breakfast on the buses as they were to travel for two hours to the Indian Military Academy. Everyone was excited to visit this prestigious institution and witness the training and see the lives of the cadets at the Academy. This made everyone realize that their lives were so easy compared to life in the armed forces.

The students witnessed the cadets going about their shooting practice with light firearms, and also learnt about the martial horses and their training. The group also visited the mess which could accommodate 1700 cadets to dine in at one meal. They also visited all the war memorials and saw the exhibits. Pizzas were served for lunch, in the bus itself.

The next stop was the Forest Research Institute where the students felt rather bored and disinterested to see the exhibits at the museum. That day, at the camp, a student’s birthday was celebrated, followed by two hours straight, of dancing. The students successfully made their teachers dance too. This was further followed by a bonfire. Bedtime came too soon, but the students did not sleep at all. The next day, it was time for the journey back but no one was ready to bid adieu to the camp and the adventures and the experiences they had had during the course of the three days.

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn is a unique, interactive programme that is conducted for the parents of NiBS each year with the aim to help them understand how our curriculum is transacted and the ways in which we attempt to make learning fun, engaging, relevant and challenging. This year, the L2L aimed at sharing student projects conducted across the year. Student representatives shared the journey of the various projects done in the respective subjects over the year. The projects included ‘Annual Project’ , ‘PBL’ , ‘Deep Learning’ , ‘Independent Project’ , ‘Friday Project’. The students of class VI researched and did a self study on Indus Valley Civilization during the vacations. Various tasks and relevant questions for inquiry was given to the students, they visited the National Museum, and completetd their study of the Indus Valley Civilization. This project was shared by the students during L2L.

Making Informed Choices

Making Informed Choices The best way to predict the future is to create it. —Abraham Lincoln Our children are faced with a plethora of choices and situations that require them to make informed choices. In order to help them make the correct choice, a series of sessions titled ‘Making Informed Choices’ was organized from Tuesday, 14th August to Friday 17th August, 2018. Experts from different fields were invited to interact with the students. Apart from sharing the skills required and the scope of different careers, they also discussed how the students need to prepare for these careers. The series began with overview of the future careers by Pratham, a career guidance institute. Next up was Ms. Anubha, a very famous architect from IIAD, New Delhi, who gave a new perspective of taking up design as a career option. We also had the opportunity to interact with Dr Praveen Saroha, Head of PE (NSIT, New Delhi). He enriched our students on how they can pursue Physical Education as a viable career option. Finally, the students got an opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the hospitality industry with Ms. Kulpreet Kaur Walia, an expert in bakery and patisserie. The sessions proved to be very enriching and knowledgeable for the students and helped them to know the skills required for these careers. It will surely empower them and help them in their educational career and making informed choices in their lives.

The Growing up Years workshop

The Growing up years programme was conducted in the second week of August by a leading psychologist Mrs. Jyotsna Bharadwaj from classes V to XII. She specializes in delivering workshops to adolescents and teenagers on the crucial growing up years where children generally grapple with all kinds of new changes. Separate sessions were conducted for boys and girls of different year groups and were tailored according to the problems experienced by them. The duration of the session was 2 hours each. The session were centered around providing comfort and clarification from confusion that comes along with all the changes that take place in the minds of children from the mental, physical and emotional view point. The sessions throughout were highly interactive and brought a lot of questions to the forefront which the students were hesitant to articulate previously. There was also a follow-up session done by the school counselor to clarify any other concerns.

Teachers Visit from Druk Padma Karpo School, Leh

It was a proud moment for the Nibs team as teachers from
Druk Padma Karpo School, Leh, chose NiBS for a week’s Teachers Training Programme.

These guest educators spent time in classes from Ankur to II, interacting with the children and the NiBS educators across disciplines. They observed classes in action, noted the different teaching strategies and best practices being adopted.

A discussion was held wherein the Nibs teachers shared the most effective methods of teaching and assessments, and the pedagogical approaches being followed such as Differentiated Instruction,Collaborative learning and Inter disciplinary approach to help the visiting educators design lesson plans for their children, as per their need.

To help the DRUK teachers strengthen their understanding and appreciate and build upon student differences, workshops were organized on Collaborative Learning, Lesson Planning and Assessment.

Taking the training programme beyond the classroom environment, the DRUK educators joined the students on a trip to the Nehru Planetarium that turned out to be very enjoyable and gave all some wonderful moments to take back home.

The visiting team of teachers generously expressed their gratitude for the warm hospitality received by them at Nibs.

IC3 Fair and Symposium

The students of class XI attended the IC3 Fair and Symposium held at The Heritage School, Rohini on the 1st September, 2017. The students attended various sessions that helped them to gain an understanding regarding choosing the right subject and university. The fair also helped them to understand the entire admission process both within and outside India. Around 80 Indian and International Universities had set up their resource centers where students interacted with their representatives. This helped them to get a better idea about each university. The fair proved to be an enriching experience for the students and they came back with a lot of information.

Diversity in Organism

DEEP STUDY PROJECT ON DIVERSITY IN ORGANISMS 5. february 2018 brought with it, an opportunity for the students of class IX Basant to have an interactive session on ‘ Diversity in organism’ by Dr. Preeti Khandelwal , a zoology professor at Sri Venkateshwara college, New Delhi . The purpose of the talk was to provide them greater understanding of the organisms they were researching on and also explore more on the functional and taxonomic diversity in organisms. The session began with a brief discussion on Biodiversity by having students identify and talk about what they know about the various habitats around them, including the amazing variety of life. She also spoke about the taxonomic grouping, the ecological significance of biodiversity in nature. Students also presented their Deep study research projects in their groups to their classmates and to the professor. She gave her valuable inputs on the projects which were incorporated by the students .She also answered the queries put up by the students. This helped in furthering their understanding of all aspects of organismal diversity and evolution.

Frog Fest

Students of grade IX Basant on 7th of February took part in the ‘Frog fest’ held at WWF office, Lodhi road. The aim of the visit was to gain a deeper understanding of the biodiversity and interdependence that exists in nature. Learning from the Frog fest landed naturally with our Deep study project in the school, as amphibians was one of the topics of student’s research. The Frog fest talked of amphibians, frog diversity, their role in nature, culture and their conservation. The festival also enabled our students to experience the world of frogs through films, Gond art, frog quizzes, games, talks by experts and more. Eminent frog researcher Dr. K.B Gururaja has contributed to the festival through his valuable photographs, videos and audios. During the festival our students also got a chance to interact with Dr. S.D Biju, who is popularly known as the Frogman of India. He shared his research and photographs on new discoveries and rediscovered species of frogs in India. He was appreciative of the Deep study projects our students were doing and said that such authentic project is the real learning.

Talk by a Travel Agent

A talk by the Travel Agent On 7th February, 2018 as part of the learning activity for the theme ‘Land’, the students of class Pallav had an interactive session with Mr. Daljeet, a travel agent from Sparks Travel Agency. The idea was to help the students understand that planning a holiday required more than just packing bags and going for a holiday. In fact Mr. Daljeet through his interactive slides and presentation stressed on planning each step of the travel meticulously, for example the mode of transportation to be selected when planning a trip, the kind of hotels and even the various recreation activities that one should plan extensively in advance, in order to enjoy a stress free and a happy vacation. He also mentioned about that the plans for travelling also depend on whether we are planning to travel to the hills, beaches or a desert location as each location has a certain kind of climate, food and flora and fauna. Children asked various questions related to transport, accommodation and destinations. They were delighted to get interesting and meaningful answers to their queries. Since this topic is learnt through Project Based Learning, a Travel Fair will be organized as an end product, wherein children will play various roles involved in organizing a trip. This interaction aided children to understand the roles played by a travel agency in great detail.