The Magical Garden

The magical atmosphere in the garden inspired a lot of creativity. Children drew and wrote about their new environment; teachers spoke about it and did sketches.
Some of the younger students reacted spontaneously to the sensory inputs, while others engaged with the spaces more reflectively, using them as a starting point for stories and poems. Keys features of the garden provided a focal point for framing – used by students to isolate elements they found interesting.

A crayon rendering of the garden

A Place Of Joy

Placed imaginatively in rows over a portion of the school‘s landscaping, the wind chimes are a favourite with children of all ages. The  additional dimension they bring to to  school’s surroundings has been captured perceptively in drawings and poetry by students and teachers.

A Walk Through

It was a walk-through with a purpose to engage consciously with the renovated and freshly landscaped environment of their school. Children of mixed-age groups walked through the school after deciding their routes and fixing stops on the way. Looking about them and observing, they took photographs and noted down smells, sounds and their feelings about the environment. The photographs were taken from different perspectives and using a frame from time to time, the children focussed on parts that they found interesting.One of the groups on their walk-through >