Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence and Collaboration

Hours, days, weeks of practice…and finally came the day! A crisp autumn evening set the stage for the tenth Annual Day celebrations of Nirmal Bhartia School.

Hearts brimming with enthusiasm and joy, colourful and brilliantly executed performances and a very unique and creative décor , marked the occasion. Celebrating the remarkable ten years journey of NiBS, which has witnessed phenomenal growth since its humble beginning in the year 2006, the students of Classes III- XII presented a spectacular cultural extravaganza on 21st November 2015.

Suitably titled ‘Dus Kadam’, the programme displayed the ten ‘rasa’ that the NiBS family experienced during this eventful and special journey.

While our ‘Udheshya’( objective) was brought out through beautifully choreographed and graceful dance performances that left one and all awe-struck, the ‘rasa’ of ‘Utsah’(excitement) and ‘Umang’( enthusiasm) were expressed through the musical ‘When I Grow up’ from the story Matilda, and a sizzling Jazz performance respectively. Using classical Indian music as a medium, the students of Classes VI- VIII gave voice to the emotion of ‘Bhakti’(devotion) and their beautiful compositions held the gathering spellbound. Portraying the essence of ‘Sahas’(courage), our talented girls of Class VI presented the Dashavatara Dance, a visual treat depicting the ten incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu.

To display the rasa of ‘Sahyog’(co-operation), the senior students presented a medley of songs that had the audience humming along. This performance garnered applause not just for the melodious singing but also for the wonderfully innovative way of presenting the traditional Ragas used in Indian Classical music. The NiBS stage turned into Akbar’s court to highlight the rasa of ‘Shiksha’(learning). The play which saw participation from the young artists of Classes III and IV, introduced the nine jewels of Akbar’s court and in an interesting twist to the tale, concluded that the NiBS children could have easily been the tenth jewel; for in no way, are they any less when it comes to being talented, resourceful and exhibiting great presence of mind!

Giving the celebrations a trendy turn and taking great pride in our ‘Pratishtha’ (prestige), the band of classes VII and VIII presented theme music. Their guitars, keyboards and violins played the tunes of Rocky and Pirates of Caribbean to bring the foot tapping music alive. This was followed by an electrifying Bhangra performance that brought the audience to their feet. A beautiful expression of the rasa of ‘Pragati’(progress) was the orchestra, comprising students of class VI, playing the symphony ‘Ode to Joy’. This compilation by Beethoven Symphony No.9 displayed the skill developed by the students over two years of specialization.

The highlight of the evening was the rendition of the complete version of our School Song which had an all new final verse added to it. The programme rose to a final crescendo with the grand finale that was a ‘Samanvay’ (co-ordination) of melody and movement by senior school students. In true spirit of collaboration, the NiBS faculty presented an enthralling musical performance, which received thunderous applause.

The programme ended there but the festivities continue as beautiful memories in the minds of all those who were a part of this wonderful celebration!