‘Close your eyes and keep your mind wide open’- Assembly on Bridge To Terabithia

After an interesting and exciting month long Reading and Writing Project based on the novel ‘Bridge To Terabithia’, the students of Class VII Basant were ready to showcase their learning in an assembly, which they presented on 21st August  in the school auditorium.

Keeping in mind the theme of the novel the assembly started with a thought provoking quote on ‘friendship’. After the news it was time to talk about friendship again, the novel has an interesting scene where the children sing with their music teacher, it was replicated on stage by our children who sang the foot tapping number, “why can’t we be friends” gleefully to the tune set by Vivek Sir.

After they got the audience grooving the children vowed them with an enactment from the story where the two main characters Jesse and Leslie foray into the forest in search of ‘a place only for them’.

The narrators brought out the main themes in the story and what the children learnt from them. To supplement the narration an informative PPT was presented which had the audience glued to their seats.

The final culmination was the presentation of some of the ‘bridges’ made by children, on which they spoke about in detail as to what material they used, the research work done, and the symbolic significance of bridges as a way of reaching out to people and communities across the world. The assembly ended with the singing of the School Song and the National Anthem.