Culmination – Cl. I

“This is experimental learning. This should be held more often”.
Ms. Basant Kumar Mohanty , Parent of Anindita Mohanty ,  Class – I Malhaar

“Aadhya said everywhere is shapes in clock, bed, pillow, mirror every time she spoke about the shapes.”
Ms. Renu Sharma , Parent of Aadhya Sharma , Class – I Basant

“Spoke supremely confident english. way beyond expected and pleasantly surprised. Smart city with drones was nice .”
Mr. & Ms. Rana, Parent of Diva Rana , Class – I Basant

“He has learnt 2D & 3D and the difference.”
Ms. Geetika, Parent of Vihaan , Class – I Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop

“The aspects from which Dr. Patri’s workshop which I found most useful were how to be a good parent and how to reply to kids ”.
Ms. Sugandhi , Parent of Meher, Class – IV Bahaar

“These aspects of the session were the most interesting and useful like good touch and bad touch, good behavioural records to be maintained for kids, throwing out of mind our own thoughts (changing ourselves before bringing the change in kids.”
Ms. Meghmani , Parent of Kiyaan Bajaj, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“Yes, my queries were answered through other parents questions as well, though I didn’t ask but it was very helpful ”.
Ms. Latika, Parent of Driti Talwar, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“The best part was the techniques told to instill good behaviour. It also helped to shed our inhibitions while talking to our son and start with an open slate”.
Mr. Chandeep Singh, Parent of Harjap, Class – Ankur Basant

“Assessing yourself before you assess your child’s behaviour as your values drive your actions or reactions. The good deed diary encourage good behaviours and thoughts”.
Mr. & Ms. Singh, Parent of Sidak, Class – Ankur Basant

“It was interactive. Quite need based and related to real issues. Also, the suggestions were real”.
Ms. Bhanu Jain, Parent of Ishaan Goel, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Showed me the mirror and to make me understand that time and patience are the most important things you need to do all that you expect from your child”.
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – III Basant

“I found the following aspects most useful like modes of communication and how to talk about child abuse and safe places”.
Ms. Kamalpreet, Parent of Guransh, Class – I Basant

Workshop on ‘Packing a Healthy Tiffin’

“I will make them eat fruits and sprouts on regular basis. Use flax seeds, pumpkin seeds often and use missi atta made at home”.
Ms. Shruti Tyagi , Parent of Yashveer Tyagi , Class – Pallav Malhaar

“New recipes which are easy to make and also can be taken by adults too.”
Mr. Nishant, Parent of Atharva Srivastava, Class – Ankur Basant


Culmination Cl.II

“Yes, the learning of the topic was evident very much and its needed for all to respect time including children and parents”.
Mr. Rajiv Kataria , Parent of Aayaan , Class –II Basant

“It is always a wonderful experience working with a child or his/her project as two experiences merge together.”
Ms. Bipreen Kaur, Parent of Jaskin Kaur, Class – II Basant


Culmination Cl.V

“We as a family were involved in going through concept of profit/loss and also some suggestions for content of the game. ”.
Mr. Manjeet Singh , Parent of Suhavi Pruthi , Class –V Basant

“The main strength I could notice was that they were able to calculate very quickly.”
Ms. Prathiba, Parent of Aahana Bhandari, Class – V Basant

“We played many games, kids were able to answer our questions about profit and loss confidently.”
Ms. Harpreet Ghai , Parent of Rhythm, Class – V Malhaar

Learning to Learn

“Very good experience, observing the technique in which teachers are sharing knowledge with kids”.
Ms. Papiya Bhattacharya , Parent of Advait Srivastava , Class – IV Malhaar

“A great initiative, mind opener for few points discussed, any changed the point of view.”
Mr. Rajan Verma, Parent of Kuhu Verma, Class – XI Basant

“Yes, it gave me insights on learning. I am happy to learn will follow same at home.”
Ms. Jyoti , Parent of Tejas, Class – I Bahaar

“Yes, it was really amazing to see the children making the concepts understand through various practically learned concepts.”
Mr. Yogender Kumar, Parent of Vaanya Dhiman, Class – IV Bahaar

“Hindi – Since I haven’t studied hindi at all !.”
Mr. Prakash Natrajan, Parent of VVivaan Prakash, Class – I Malhaar

‘Growing Up Years’ Workshop

“Yes, very helpful. In busy world it helps to again focus on participating”.
Mr. Lokesh Bhog, Parent of Prakriti Bhog,  Class – VII Basant

“Encouraging, Building Trust and parenting style – right balance were very useful.”
Mr. Rajan Verma, Parent of Kuhu Verma, Class – XI Basant

“Communication, anger management and ABC of parenting.”
Ms. Prarthna Goel , Parent of Prisha Goel, Class – VI Bahaar

Culmination – Cl. Ankur

“Was nice helping the kids chose parents couldn’t come”.
Ms. Kanisk Dutta, Parent of Amaira,  Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Kid’s were able to express without hesitation.”
Ms. Jyoti, Parent of Tavisha, Class – Ankur Basant


Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“He could relate to a lot of aspects of emotions with family and their presence in life”.
Ms. Arpita Nigam, Parent of Kabir Nigam,  Class – Pallav Basant

“We did it together, I found it interesting when the child had to think of lot of facts about his family.”
Ms. Megha Kalia, Parent of Parth Kalia, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We did rhymes as the theme together at home. We also discussed worksheets .”
Ms. Sheetal Sharma, Parent of Inayat Mudgal, Class – Pallav Basant

Masti Ke Ghol – 2019

“Kids loved the theme of this year ‘Heroes & Sheroes’, and we always enjoy any event organised by school involving us ‘Parents’ and ‘Students’ along with Teachers. Thank you so much for putting such effort in everything”.
Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Parent of Anhad Singh,  Class – I Basant

“Such a lovely show. Good start of weekend for us. Thanks a lot for inculcating great values and awareness among  kids on use of plastic from such a young age !!”
Ms. Rashi Khattar, Parent of Maurya Khattar, Class – I Malhaar

“We liked the way parents were engaged to deliver learning to kids. We also liked the work of student council in orchestrating the event .”
Mr. Atul Sinha, Parent of Samriddhi, Class –IX Basant


Young at Art

“Man of conscience. It was a beautiful portrayal of how a man feels trapped in the circle of life”.
Ms. Subhashini Balakrishnan , Parent of Easwar Balakrishnan ,  Class – IX Basant

“I loved hows of wonder, how of parliament in fact all the art work is great and shows a lot of maturity and creativity.”
Mr. Vinayak Prasanna Das  , Parent of Ahana Das  , Class – IV Bahaar

“Every year I am so amazed at the amount of creativity that flows in at ‘Young at Art’. I thoroughly enjoyed the dance as well as the workshops ongoing at the basketball court.”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak , Parent of Aakriti Shrestha  , Class – III Bahaar

“I loved the couch made from egg trays. It depicted great resourcefulness.”
Ms. Dimple Sharma  , Parent of Presha Sharma  , Class – IX Basant

Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“Children keep on singing songs they have been taught in the class, based on various landforms and made us learn those songs too”.
Ms. Mandeep Kaur , Parent of Prabhgun Kaur,  Class – Pallav Basant

“It was fun running around with the kids, trying to make a paper boat and making a ‘Go Mountain’ poster.”
Ms. Kamal Preet , Parent of Guransh , Class – Pallav

“They could pronounce various landforms and names of places plus knew about their features – flora fauna !”
Ms. Gurleen , Parent of Viraj Singh , Class – Pallav Malhaar

Culmination – Cl. I

“Explained them about different uses of water and how important the water is for the planet”.
Ms. Shabeeh , Parent of Jafar,  Class – I Malhaar

“We watched the movie together. Kartikeyan reminds me to close the tap while brushing. He also made his own fishing activity at home.”
Ms. Preeti Kishor , Parent of Kartikeyan Kishor , Class – I Malhaar

Culmination – Cl. IV

“Participated in the quiz and salad making”.
Ms. Priyadarshani , Parent of Arnav,  Class – IV Bahaar

“Yes, learning was evident from the presentation. Students were aware of the parts of plants and also their use as veg. and fruits.”
Ms. Aditee Kumari , Parent of Prisha Ranjan , Class – IV Basant

“We helped Aarav  select the pots, the seeds, soil, manure etc. We also helped him prepare for his presentation. ”
Mr. Aurobindo Saxena , Parent of Aarav Saxena, Class – IV Bahaar

Culmination – Cl. II & III

“Moon Dance Walk, Vivid presentation and knowledge about Solar System”.
Dr. Kunal K, Parent of Koustubh,  Class – II Malhaar

“The concept of the Solar System was pretty much clear. They could tell about a lot of things.”
Ms. Namrata , Parent of Manasvi, Class – II Bahaar

“Coordination and the musical addition to the theme. ”
Mr. Gaurav Prasad , Parent of Ananya Prasad, Class – III Basant

“100%. Hridyansh is quite curious to know more about solar system. Galaxies and of course life on other planets – ALIENS !!”
Mr. Vishal , Parent of Hridyansh M, Class – III Malhaar

Annual Day – Cl. Ankur – II

“Real magic was pour down by little stars. It was amazing and fantastic to see little one’s performing and beating the winter chills. Thanks to teachers & NiBS”.
Ms. Shama Sheikh, Parent of Arhaan Khan Mansoori,  Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Magical Performance by little magicians. Loved it.”
Ms. Preeti Kishore , Parent of Kartikeyan, Class – I Malhaar

“Best compliments on school achievements and awards. Beautifully prepared and well groomed performances. Good to know about , Individual Attention Award; this is really a show stopper for the school. Keep Rocking ! ”
Mr. Naveen K Chauhan , Parent of Aviraaj Chauhan, Class – I Bahaar

“Beautiful riot of colors. Kudos to the teachers for putting in so much effort. ”
Ms. Kamal Preet, Parent of Guransh Singh, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Truly overwhelmed. Such an energetic and full of life show ! Thank you dear teachers and everyone for getting kids to perform with such confidence. ”
Ms. Keerat, Parent of Waaris Singh Kohli, Class – Pallav Basant

Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“Children felt the importance of the bond between the school and parents through this platform. Felt more confident and it did boost them”.
Ms, Prabh Keerat Kaur, Parent of Waaris Singh, Class – Pallav Basant

“Making him recite the poem with the movements. Almost learnt it with him – dadaji and mummy both.”
Ms. Deeoti Solanki , Parent of Saksham Solanki, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“No stage fear, voice was loud and clear.”
Ms. Mandeep Kaur , Parent of Prabhgun Kaur, Class – Pallav Basant

Culmination – Cl. Ankur

“It was an excellent concept to involve the parents and parents loved it”.
Ms. Rashmi, Parent of Nitara, Class – Ankur Basant

“My son has been very vocal. He has started sharing the stories at home. He loves to make the different sounds.”
Mr. George , Parent of Samuel George, Ankur Basant

Annual Day 2018-19

“Its  very encouraging and wonderful program. This is 3rd year of our association with NiBS and year on year our trust and relationship with NiBS is getting stronger. The play and artistic development is very important in the children and are glad that NiBS understands the importance of it. Thank you so much for participating in overall development of our child ”.
Mr. Bhatt, Parent of Rudra Bhatt, Class – V Bahaar

“Great work as always. I am every time overwhelmed by the kids performance . ”
Ms. Smriti Singh , Parent of Ashi Sharan, Class – VI Malhaar

“As usual, great show with lot of enthusiasm and energy from children. Thank you to the entire NiBS community. Keep it up !”
Ms. Ankita Arora, Parent Ashram Arora, Class – IV Bahaar

“Thought provoking event. Specailly the speech of Pooja Ma’am. All kids did well. Appreciation to all teachers.”
Mr. Mohammad Zia, Parent of Zayan Zia, Class – III Malhaar

“Fantastic show of talent & this is surely the fruit of the immense hard work and creativity of respected teachers and children both. Kudos ! .”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak , Parent of Aakriti Rajak , Class – III Bahaar

“Eureka, eureka, eureka ! Finally the secret of magical performance revealed…. diligence, perseverance, sincerity. ”
Ms. Priya Jassal , Parent of Vaibhav Jassal , Class – IX  Basant

“Great Program ! The hindi skit was excellent and very topical. Really appreciated the hard work by the entire team at NiBS. ”
Mr. Balakrishnan , Parent of Eashwar , Class – IX  Basant

“E= MC^2 – This needs to be redefined today. Let me do it here. E for entertainment = M for magic, C for our children. And this raised to the power of infinity. ”
Mrs. Simmi Kakar, Parent of Aahana Kakar, Class – VI Basant

“How ?? & Wow (Really). How things work in NiBS !! Amazing & Excellent !! ”
Ms. Rekha , Parent of Vasudha, Class – VIII Bahaar

Sports Meet 2018-19

“Wonderful show by children and the real show stealers are teachers and support staff for a glitch free and seamless performance. Thank You ”.
Ms. Shilpi, Parent of Arraddhya K Singh, Class – V Bahaar

“Perfectly done and wonderfully curated. Focus on skills is appreciable. It was in the school premises so that is the best thing to do, please keep it same every year. Thoroughly enjoyed. ”
Mr. Puri , Parent of Reyansh Puri, Class – II Bahaar

“The games were quite appropriate, thoughtful and well organised. Kudos for such a fab show.”
Mr. Ajay, Parent Araddhya A Singh, Class – II Bahaar

“Good mixture of physical and creative skills. Well co-ordinated and great to see children putting up effort. Good team skills .”
Mr. Deepak Kalia, Parent of Parth Kalia, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“I liked the new concept that each child gets chance to play all the games. Keep it up .”
Ms. Aakriti, Parent of Haardik K, Class – III Bahaar

NiBS Masterchef Competition – Cl. V

“I loved it because children studied fractions in such a unique and creative way”.
Ms. Meenu Jaggi, Parent of Ruhann Jaggi, Class – V Basant

“Absolutely ! One of the most well taught and applied topics ever !.”
Ms. Deepti , Parent of Prerna Solanki, Class – V Basant

“They have understood the concept of fraction so well that they now easily apply it in their day to day life. This is the biggest achievement.”
Dr.Vijay Kumar, Parent Harshita Gupta, Class – V Bahaar

“A lot. They were taught at the time of buying fruits and vegetables.”
Ms. Ruchika, Parent of Ishanvi, Class – V Malhaar

Culmination on ‘Namaste Korea’ – Cl. III

“Mostly listen to the kids when she came back home and shared about Korean culture, song and mostly the sharing, the joy around it and learning from them”.
Ms. Priya, Parent of Ammaya Awasthi, Class – III Malhaar

“She made me learn their National Flag, National animal etc. It was really fun for us.”
Ms. Payal , Parent of Devanshi, Class – III Bahaar

“To be honest, I too got to learn about Korea in depth along with my child. Being involved in her assignments and projects.”
Ms. Jeethu, Parent of Evelyn, Class – III Malhaar

“Anaya has shared her experience and excitement. Learning has evolved for me as a parent.”
Ms. Aditi, Parent of Anaya Mittal, Class – III Basant

Baker’s Delight– Cl. IV

“Motivated with baking skills”.
Mr. Sandeep Bisht, Parent of Aryan Bisht, Class – IV Basant

“I learn many recipes of cake.”
Ms. Harmeet K , Parent of Jasmine Grewal, Class – IV Malhaar

“The PBL booklet kept us involved.”
Ms. Pooja, Parent of Myra Aggarwal, Class – IV Bahaar

“Thoroughly enjoyed, love the play way method of taking up a concept. Fully engrossed !!!”
Mr. Rohit Chadha, Parent of Akshaj Chadha, Class – IV Basant

Culmination on ‘Notes n’ NIBS’ – Cl. III

“The children were asked to prepare the layout of the stationery shop they visited in Dwarka. I helped my daughter understand its layout”.
Ms. Nupur M Kumar, Parent of Reet M Kumar, Class – III Basant

“This is the practical knowledge which children learn a lot and use this kind of multiplication in daily life .”
Ms. Mansi , Parent of Saina Chadha, Class – III Malhaar

“Need more coasters and bookmarks; missed buying as they were over.”
Ms. Gunjan, Parent of Shagun, Class – III Bahaar

“We went to the grocery store Daily Delite with him and bought items which he calculated.”
Ms. Arti Soni, Parent of Shivaum Soni, Class – III Bahaar

Growing up Years Workshop

“Building confidence in my child with positive and creative discussion ! Motivating and listening to him and of course giving him time to explain his stuff  and believing in what he wants”.
Ms. Richa, Parent of Abeer Khatri , Class – III Basant

“The explanation of being friendly rather than being a friend. Examples were good to understand the relevant points. .”
Mr. Naveen Kumar Chauhan , Parent of Aviraj Chauhan, Class – I Bahaar

“The part where as parents we need be consistent at all times was a definite revelation .”
Ms. Poonam Sethi, Parent of Neil, Class – V Bahaar

Culmination on ‘Food’ – Cl. Pallav

“I keep on telling her the names of different vegetables, fruits and pulses; whatever we cook at home”.
Ms. Bhavana Rana, Parent of Diva Rana, Class – Pallav Basant

“She wanted to take a balanced meal to school. Was aware of various benefits of a food group. .”
Ms. Maulini , Parent of Aaradhya Pathak, Class – Pallav Basant

“Weekly updates on the portal helps in understanding how things are taught and hence I can easily reinforce the concept at home .”
Ms. Hema Verma, Parent of Ojas Agawari, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“Rishit started asking for vegetables at home and surprisingly he started eating a few.”
Ms. Shashi Diwan, Parent of Rishit Diwan, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Culmination on ‘Math’ – Cl. II

“Children were confident their logic, were accurate. They learnt all the concepts very well with the help of PBL”.
Ms. Priyanka, Parent of Vihaan, Class – II Bahaar

“Had fun researching interesting facts about cricketers as part of Friday project.”
Mr. Bindesh Pandey , Parent of Anay Pandey, Class –II Bahaar


Culmination on ‘Water’ – Cl. Ankur

“Whenever my son shared his experience of learning something related to water, we had a long chat about it. We tried to show him things in real”.
Ms. Bhanu, Parent of Ishaan, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Taking responsibility of saving water .”
Mr. Shashank Kalra , Parent of Anahita Kalra, Class – Ankur Basant

“Yes it was, absolutely relevant topic for the kids. It was interesting to note how technical properties of water was covered in a fun manner in class.   ”
Ms.Sheetal Sharma, Parent of Inayat, Class – Ankur Basant

Culmination on ‘Shapes’ – Cl. I

“My child told me all about shapes (2D & 3D) and shared everything that has been done in class”.
Ms. Madhavi, Parent of Nevaan Raj, Class – I Basant

“At home we tried to create shapes from the household items and we discuss about shapes .”
Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj , Parent of Saiansh Bhardwaj, Class – I Malhaar

“Very much. The children’s park was brilliant ! ”
Ms.Rachna, Parent of Aadya, Class – I Basant


Learning to Learn

“All, I personally got a refresher on properties of polygons, learnt about political movement of Bolivia & also loved the projects on student poems”.
Mr. Ankur Tiwari, Parent of Zoya Tiwari, Class – II Malhaar

“City of dreams was very engaging. What a beautiful way to connect with the place where we live. Take away for me too as a parent.”
Ms. Goel , Parent of Kashvi Goel, Class – II Bahaar

“Dhriti & Maithili gave a wonderful and in depth view on diversity. They were really impressive in terms of explaining the topic and the facets they explored. ”
Ms. Sunil Nair, Parent of Ishan Nair, Class – IV Malhaar

“They even encouraged us to interact with our children  the way they are being interacted in the class. ”
Ms. Astha, Parent of Ira, Class – Ankur Basant

“I understood the phonetics approach and loved the hand’s on activities for parents. I know now how the school is approaching English as a language. ”
Ms. Ritika Subhash, Parent of Yuvan Bhatia, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“PBL Presentations were great to watch. Gave an insight to the practical knowledge being imbibed by the children. ”
Ms. Amy Madan, Parent of Levana Rajesh, Class – II Bahaar

“The one in the auditorium was brilliantly done and very informative and even I loved the book fair. ”
Ms. Manisha Deshpande, Parent of Aditi Deshpande, Class – X Bahaar

“I think such sessions are really important for school and parents to be on the same page and ensure the child grows and treads the right path. ”
Mr. Shashank Karla, Parent of Anahita Karla, Class – Ankur Basant

Culmination on ‘Shelter’ – Cl. I

“Their team building quality and sense of togetherness”.
Ms. Deepali Shukla, Parent of Ahaan Shukla, Class – I Malhaar

“Understanding of why people live in different types of houses.”
Ms. Sharan , Parent of Romaira, Class – I Bahaar

“Very Good. The teachers are very good and helpful. Thanks all of you. Keep it up. ”
Ms. Satinder Kaur, Parent of Lasith Awasthi, Class – I Malhaar

“Reminded us of forgotten names of different houses during the preparations. ”
Ms. Lata Gautam, Parent of Raya, Class – I Malhaar

Culmination on ‘Me and My Family’ – Cl.Pallav

“Our knowledge of relationship was tested. Good way to remind the relationships”.
Ms. Mandeep Kaur, Parent of Prabhgun Kaur, Class – Pallav Basant

“I enjoyed all the activities but mostly narrating story of  three little pigs was a great fun.”
Ms. Rupam , Parent of Vihaan, Class – Pallav Basant

“Maximum, we love to do everything for school as well as our child. ”
Ms. Komal Prasad, Parent of Aadya Ranjan, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We tried to make my daughter remember phone number, address at least. ”
Mr. Vaibhav , Parent of Nivedita Mishra, Class – Pallav Malhaar

Masti ke Ghol – 2018

“This is an amazing theme. So much to learn and explore. It was so entertaining”.
Ms. Bhawna Gandhi, Parent of Arjun Gandhi, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“It was incredible experience of magic, colour and fun for Anay and me. Thanks for the initiative by school.”
Mr. Neeraj , Parent of Anay,  Class – Ankur Basant

“Magic show was great !! Use public metro, a great message. Hope all will follow it ! Great time to be here. ”
Ms. Chandan Singh, Parent of Vasudha Sirari, Class – VIII Bahaar

“It was splendid ! The community has put up a lot of effort and everything was great ! ”
Ms. Tanvi Dua, Parent of Bijender Singh Dua, Class – X Bahaar

Culmination : ‘Simple Machines’ – Cl. V

“We learned more about simple machines. We can make life easier by it. ”
Ms. Poonam Arora, Parent of Sparsh Arora, Class – V Bahaar

“Yes, very creative. The combination of design, engineering and testing; followed by selling and marketing was excellent.”
Mr. Lokesh Bhog , Parent of Prakriti,  Class – V Bahaar

“I revisited the chapter at home and extended my help in R & D. ”
Ms. Geeta Ramesh, Parent of Devika Nair, Class – V Bahaar

Culmination : ‘Sky’ – Cl. Ankur

“In the different shapes of the moon. group of stars, constellation project. ”
Ms. Gunjan, Parent of Yashnoor Kaur, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Rishit always forced me at night to see the shape of the moon and even got up early in the morning for the same.”
Ms. Shashi , Parent of Rishit Diwan,  Class – Ankur Bahaar

“Every time we see the moon, I have to figure out whether its waxing/waning, gibbons/crescent. I had to revise my basics to be able to discuss. ”
Ms. Charu, Parent of Neil Vikram Aggarwal, Class – Ankur Bahaar

Culmination – Cl. III

“Friday Projects based on ‘Out of this World’ were good. Made us to research a lot on the topic. ”
Mr. Jasminder, Parent of Jasdeep, Class – III Basant

“They looked like little, informed, learned astronomers. Loved their way, they articulated their learning. I was totally impressed with the way they presented it so naturally.”
Dr. Reema , Parent of Jishaan Rai,  Class – III Bahaar

“Me and Maanas made 3D solar system project together and the experience was really good. ”
Ms. Prerna, Parent of Maanas Joshi, Class – III Malhaar

Culmination – Cl. I

“We enjoyed doing friday project and emphasising water conservation in day to day life . ”
Ms. Pritha Bose, Parent of Shourya Bose, Class – I Basant

“I was made to taste all options for water.”
Ms. Jyoti , Parent of Atharv, Class – I Malhaar

“Samaira has been educating me about the wonders of water ! She’s interested in music and has been playing the bowls with different levels of water in them. ”
Mr. Benu, Parent of Samaira, Class – I Malhaar

Culmination – Cl. II

“They have learnt about planets, starts, moons, constellations etc. They explained to us also. ”
Ms. Payal, Parent of Devanshi, Class – II Basant

“Their growing knowledge and no stage fright.”
Ms. Mudita, Parent of Prisha, Class – II Basant

“We bought her a couple of books on science and space to educate her more. She herself was eager to show her performance repeatedly and we kept on encouraging her. ”
Ms. Sudha Awasthi, Parent of Ammaya, Class – II Basant

Culmination – Cl. IV

“My daughter was all the time thinking about this project. Reading from google making stuff at home. I loved it. ”
Ms. Shruti Singh, Parent of Anjani, Class – IV Basant

“He is asking me details of satellite, ISS rockets, planets. Most of the times I have answers, otherwise I have to say that search from google.”
Mr. S.P Chaudhary, Parent of Achint, Class – IV

“We enjoyed observing and interacting with team of astronauts, cosmonauts engineers and researchers, scientist under one roof. ”
Ms. Sandhya, Parent of Harshita, Class – IV Malhaar

Independent Project Presentation – Cl. VI to VIII

“Oratory skills, concept knowledge and understanding were the areas of strength in the children’s performance. ”
Ms. Monika Chopra, Parent of Radhika Chopra, Class – VII

“Complete understanding of the concept was the areas of strength in the children’s performance.”
Ms. Savita, Parent of Aastha, Class – VIII Bahaar

Young at Art 2017-18

“I look forward to this festival every year. Its just perfect, full of colours. ”
Ms. Ritika Singh, Parent of Arnav & Aditya Singh, Class – VII Bahaar & IX Basant.

“Children being aware of ‘Taal’ in Hindustani music.”
Ms. Anita, Parent of Aishini, Class – XI Basant

“Loved the portrait especially because I’ve never seen something so fine, neat and intricate done by students.  ”
Mr. Keerat , Parent of Waaris Singh Kohri, Class – Ankur Basant

“I liked the dance performance (Odissi dance) by Smt. Madhavi Mudgal and Tie and Dye by Ms. Archana Gupta and also the second last performance on Saturday by Ms. Maithali Thakur and her two brothers.”
Ms. Sofi , Class – VI Basant

“I liked the pattern and texture of the art. There were different and bright colours that caught my eye.”
Ms. Hrishika, Class – IV Bahaar

“Excited how children are impacted by the festival being introduced to them as early as they are”.
Ms. Sinchita Roy, Parent of Zinia Bhattarcharya, Class – III Bahaar

“Superb artwork.NiBS art teachers are brilliant! Kudos to them. Kids are very inspired to do such amazing work. Enjoyed the Sarod session alot. Thanks for inviting Indian Classical Music artists, it really helps in promoting our music to the next generation.”
Mr. & Ms. Walia, Parent of Kavneet Walia, Class – IV Malhaar

Culmination – Cl. IV

“The way they performed. The confidence they have while narrating and answering the questions.”

Dr. Vijay Kumar, Parent of Harshita Gupta , Class – IV Malhaar

“A child Mayur taught me to make a butterfly with origami. I made it when I was small. He took me there. Thanks. ”
Ms. Charu, Parent of Yashank, Class – IV Bahaar

Culmination – Cl. Pallav

“Trying to do experiment of making rain at home.”
Ms. Deergha Chaudhary, Parent of Myra , Class – Pallav Basant

“Aadya would regularly share the weather updates at home and shared when she was the meteorologist. ”
Ms. Rachna, Parent of Aadya Jain, Class – Pallav Basant

Culmination – My Culture

“Helped him prepare lines in gujrati and shared gujrati books in class.”
Ms. Sonal , Parent of Anay Pandey , Class – I Malhaar

“They gained a lot of insight about our country and its diversity . ”
Mr. Vipul, Parent of Vivaan, Class – I Bahaar

“Vedanshi shared her experience of learning different languages, religions of states.”
Ms. Preeti Verma, Parent of Vedanshi, Class – I Bahaar

Annual Day

“Phenomenal !! everything was superb. The play was outstanding. Thank you for looking after our little ones brilliantly .”
Ms. Poonam Sethi , Parent of Neil Pahuja , Class – IV Bahaar

“You make me fall in love being a parent. Charu Ma’am not only inspires children but also parents. Thanks for being such a wonderful school which truly believes in the power of community. ”
Ms. Snigdha S, Parent of Ahana Das, Class – III Bahaar

“Awesome performance, efforts by the teachers, every performance was flawless and all the teachers, kids and Charu Ma’am ; I thank you for taking such good care of our kids and helping them achieving their dreams !”
Ms. Prerna , Parent of Maanas Joshi, Class – III Malhaar

“Thank you for this out of the world trip. In short time we traveled the universe together !  .”
Mr. Lokesh Bhog , Parent of Prakriti, Class – V Bahaar

“Well planned, executed and attended function. We really enjoyed every bit of it. Excellent work by all. Thank You !”
Ms. Ananya  Sharma, Parent of Vibhav Kumar, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“It was really amazing to see little sun shinning so bright. Thanks NiBS for giving me the opportunity to glow with them.”
Ms. Shashi Diwan, Parent of Rishit Diwan, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“Amazing concept and excellent execution. Glad to see kids and teachers putting in so much effort to present something as beautiful.”
Ms. Nidhi Mehra, Parent of Kabir, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“Fantabulous – Ecstatic. It was a brilliant and well synergised show. Keep it up NiBS. ”
Mr. Niraj, Parent of Maithili Pathak, Class – XII Basant

“Kudos to team NiBS !! You all were rocking !! Very well done !”
Mr. D.S Mehta, Parent of Harshal Mehta, Class – XI Basant

Culmination – Birds – Cl. II

“Very Involved as Miren is interested in birds.”
Mr. B. Giri , Parent of Miren Giri , Class – II Malhaar

“Thumbs Up ! it was already upto the mark . ”
Ms. Kajal Bakshi, Parent of Kaarnik, Class – II Bahaar

“Children recognize the importance and history of Delhi and take pride in it.”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak, Parent of Aakriti Rajak, Class – II Malhaar

“Were able to remember and describe clearly characteristics of birds .”
Mr. Namit Rai , Parent of Soham & Aryann Rai, Class – II Basant

“Read the chapters on birds at home, read about different birds.”
Mr. Harsh Negi, Parent of Sambhavi Negi, Class – II Malhaar

“Yes, it was evident from the presentation. Armon solved crossword at his own.”
Ms. Rashmii, Parent of Armon, Class – II Malhaar

Culmination – II

“Kashvi got good knowledge of Delhi through this.”
Ms. Ritu Kumar , Parent of Kashvi Kumar , Class – II Malhaar

“Children were able to complete the activities on their own. ”
Ms. Rashmi, Parent of Armon,, Class – II Malhaar

“Children recognize the importance and history of Delhi and take pride in it.”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak, Parent of Aakriti Rajak, Class – II Malhaar

“We drove her to India Gate, Chandni Chowk to get her involved in the project.”
Mr. Vivekh, Parent of Mehr, Class – II Basant

“Fully involved parents and students in the creative and innovative activities.”
Ms. Priya Jassal, Parent of Pragya Jassal, Class – II Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop

“The speakers (Dr. Sen) himself raised very valid questions on the value of community. We wish to  create for their overall well being.”
Dr. Ritika Singh , Parent of Aditya & Arnav Singh , Class – VII Bahaar & IX Basant

“Yes, the brain development according to age explanation has helped to understand the change in behavior. ”
Mr. Mahesh, Parent of Ananya, Class – VI Basant

“How do I manage mobile boundaries with my child ; understanding her moods. The session helped me find answers. ”
Ms. Anita Verma, Parent of Aishni Singh, Class – XI Basant

Culmination – Ankur

“I enjoyed with my grand daughter. She enjoyed my company of course and I enjoyed her experiences.”
Ms. Rashmi , Grand Parent of Varima , Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Turns tap off, does npt waste water. ”
Mr. Amrit, Parent of Aadya Tomar, Class – Ankur Bahaar 

“Such activities help the children understand better. Good Job. Hope more activities are being organised in future too on themes. ”
Ms. Neikesanuo, Parent of Daksh Rawat, Class – Ankur Bahaar 

“Ability to understand that the water doesn’t have any particular shape and takes the shape of container. Giving sad smileys for wasting water. ”
Mr. Kamalpreet, Parent of  Guransh, Class – Ankur Malhaar 

Culmination – II

“Learning and sharing of concepts was amazing. Multi-pronged learning aids used was good.”
Ms. Meenu , Parent of Jay Mehta , Class – II Malhaar

“Making her learn about the hings showing her all the sign at the road was fun which we have all together . ”
Mr. Peeyush Jain, Parent of Devanshi Jain, Class – II Bahaar 

“I learn so much from them. We go to the rail museum with them and share different types of trains there. ”
Ms. Manisha, Parent of  Aadya, Class – II Bahaar 

“Enjoyed making the puzzles and was impressed with the answers Abeer was given for the questionnaire. ”
Ms. Richa, Parent of  Abeer Khatri, Class – II Malhaar 

“Visit to Rail Museum. We also checked on road signs. ”
Ms. Lisa , Parent of  Gia Goel, Class – II Basant

“It was real fun to participate with children. Remembered my childhood – revisited. ”
D.R.Pathak , Grand Father of  Meher, Class – II Basant


Culmination – Pallav

“Learning new aspects about the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables was a great experience. ”

Ms. Archana Sreepat , Parent of Parth Jain , Class – Pallav Basant

“Self motivation in eating habits is the strength in the child’s performance.”
Ms. Mehra , Parent of Puhaan Mehra, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“We enjoyed games and fireless cooking . ”
Mr. Mehta , Parent of Pragun, Class – Pallav Basant





Culmination – III

“We were deeply involved in the project on water. The riddle given to my child was very informative and we really searched on it. 🙂 ”
Ms. Deepjot , Parent of Jasdeep , Class – III Basant

“We were greatly involved with the children as we discussed water harvesting at home and the importance of saving water.”
Ms. Indu Singh , Parent of Jaivardhan, Class – III Basant

“The children participated enthusiastically in all the experiments. ”
Mr. Anirudh , Parent of Aaditi , Class – III Bahaar

“At the initial stage, this type of presentation is very good. I see the same activity in LISA. We are doing well good (NiBS). ”
Dr. Grewal, Parent of Jasmine Grewal , Class – III Malhaar


Culmination – I

“Made Tent house with parents using sticks, cloth, wire and box. ”
Ms. Pratibha Agarwal , Parent of Pranav Agarwal , Class – I

“It was fun working with other parents”
Ms. Juhi , Parent of Aashman, Class – I Malhaar

“The presentation gave good knowledge of the ‘shelter’ topic.”
Ms.Nidhi, Parent of Samridh  , Class – I Bahaar

“Very nice experience, we were both very involved in respective groups. ”
Ms. Vinita, Parent of Zoya , Class – I Basant

Learning to Learn

“I wish to congratulate NiBS for this programme for parents. The sessions were informative, interesting. Especially, glad and grateful to know that education in this school is not a “commodity” that is sold but that our children are learning to be their very best in every way. ”
Ms. Pema yolmo , Parent of Chunthuilung R. Mpamei , Class – VII Basant

“What intrigued me most is the methodology used to de-construct reading, writing and listening into various  facets – association with anecdotes, characters/people in your life. This has given me a new dimension to there skills. I am highly grateful to NiBS for widening my horizon. And counting another step forward would be to bring performing arts too in the ambit.”
Mr. Simmi Kakar , Parent of Aahana Kakar, Class – V Basant

“Language – How thru reading they could develop their communication skills and various activities. Maths – Very interesting. I could study math again ! ”
Ms. Priya Gupta , Parent of Ammaya Awasthi , Class – II Basant

“Learning and teaching methods have changed a lot since our schooling and this session was an eye opener. ”
Ms. Nupur Maithani, Parent of Anushree Dimri , Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Sounds of the letters and C.V.C method is so much useful to teach the kids correct pronunciation and connection among the letters. ”
Ms. Sunita Rai, Parent of Yuvraj Rai , Class – Ankur Bahaar

“The activities that can be given to the child for the eye and hand co-ordination. We were not aware that there is so much that can be done with basic things at home.”
Mr. Keerat Jasdeep, Parent of Waaris Singh Kohli, Class – Ankur Basant

Culmination – Pallav

“Understanding of the concept, their participation. It was evident from the excitement and enjoyment they had while on stage. ”
Ms. Shalini, Parent of Dhaanvi, Class – I Basant

“Absolutely, child becomes confident and an essential for child to become good at public speaking.”
Mr. Rahul , Parent of Dakshraj , Class – I Bahaar

Masti Ke Ghol

“Very good ! It is great that children are exposed to such activities. ”
Ms. Sonali Mahajan, Parent of Avi Bhardwaj, Class – V Basant

“It is a wonderful concept in engaging children, parents and teachers together. I appreciate school in organising such an event”
Ms. Hema Verma , Parent of Ojas Agawari , Class – Ankur Bahaar

“Very good. Appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness  of NiBS. Thanks for the experience. ”
Ms. Sarika Aggarwal, Parent of Siddhant Aggarwal, Class – IV Bahaar

“Wonderful experience. We are more at ease with the school now. It’s a great time for new child and parents.”
Ms. Sarika Aggarwal, Parent of Siddhant Aggarwal, Class – IV Bahaar

“Every year at Masti ke Ghol or any other school event there is something new. Today’s event was new and different. Happy to see school’s future vision towards our celestial neighbours.”
Mr. Rupinder Singh Sawhney, Parent of Keerat Singh Sawhney, Class – II Bahaar

“This years theme was really exciting and it was fun launching a rocket in the virtual space station.”
Ms. Bhargavi C, Parent of Bhavya G, Class – V Bahaar

“Awesome event. Children and Parents enjoyed equally. Also learning is always welcome at any age, so its an educational event for parents also. Thumbs Up !”
Ms. Singh, Parent of Arshia Singh, Class – Ankur Basant

Culmination – Pallav

“We thought that this is one of the most engaging of projects in which the grandparents were also involved from the start – the family tree – to the last. ”
Mr. Manpreet, Parent of Sehejveer, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Yes, it was quite evident that the right values are imparted and kids are picking them up.”
Mr. Karan Kapoor , Parent of Mishika Kapoor, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Me & My Family – collecting pics and few lines preparation was fun and sense of belonging was seen.”
Ms. Navneet Singh, Parent of Abeer Singh, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Parent Orientation

“We are very happy to be in the school. We made a right choice. ”
Mr. Benipal, Parent of Jaiveer Benipal, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“It was a very interactive and informative session ! Keep it up !”
Ms. Rukhsana Bano, Parent of Mohd. Shaheer, Class – IX Bahaar

“Amazing presentation.Got a great insight into the basic foundations and principles of the school.”
Ms. Sonal Singhal, Parent of Tisha Singhal, Class – IX Basant

“Nice and short interaction session with class teacher. It’s always good to meet the new class teacher before the start of a session.”
Ms. Seema, Parent of Parth Sharma, Class – IV Basant

Sports Morning – Ankur & Pallav

“Innovative amalgamation of sports + theme + travel. Very Creative. ”
Ms. Darilang Rymbai, Parent of Joanna, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Om’s grandparents were present today. Very great work !”
Ms. Smiti Singh, Parent of Om Sharan, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Great Show ! Superb ! Kids have displayed collaboration, co-ordination and skills which can only be taught with patience. Well done NiBS. Thank You.”
Ms. Madhavi, Parent of Nevaan Raj, Class – Ankur Basant

“Wonderful morning, had a wonderful time and went back to our school days. Great going NiBS ! Proud to be a part of NiBS community.”
Ms.Upasana, Parent of Akshat, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“We had a lovely time watching the kids perform. Synchronisation was amazing. Games were innovative. Loved & had fun playing with other parents. A big applause to all the school staff. ”
Ms. & Mr. Pandey, Parent of Rudransh, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“It was a wonderful experience to see the tiny tots dance, run on the beat and perfect synchronisation. Feast to the eyes. Thank You ! ”
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Sports Morning – I & II

“It was nothing less than Sports Day  ”
Mr. & Ms. Verma, Parent of Aadita Verma, Class – II Bahaar

“It is the best event in a way that my child was so enthusiastic about it, please continue the spirit.”
Dr. Reema Rai, Parent of Jishaan Rai, Class – II Basant

“Really Sporty Morning, for the parents, teachers & children !
Ms. Priya, Parent of Pragya Jassal, Class – I Malhaar

“Great job done. Well done the entire team of NiBS. Looking forward for each such school activity. Thanks !”
Ms. Kajal Bakshi, Parent of Kaarnik, Class – I Bahaar

Young at Art – 2016-17

“I come every year and I learn something new every year. Really good job with respect to representing the world art. ”
Mr. Priya Dinesh, Parent of Avilansh & Anjukta, Class – V Basant & II Bahaar

“The sheer amount of thought and hard work is commendable. Its not common or easy to have the vision and realisation for an event like this where children and parents are exposed to a world which is so different from the mundane tasks. A huge learning experience and very holistic learning. Today you have made this school a temple. God bless you all”
Ms. Snigdha Sheel, Parent of Ahana Das, Class – II Basant

“The music show sitar (Mr. De) & Mr. Joshua for drums was mesmerising. Kathak dance training was mind blowing eye opener and mind opener. Thanks  ”
Ms. Anamika Singh , Parent of Aditya & Arnav, Class – VIII Basant & VI Bahaar

“Appreciate the kind of focus the school has towards art and craft. Not only they teach children art. I admire the way the children are introduced to the history and the origin of the art forms thereby developing and nurturing interest in the children. ”
Ms. Smriti Gupta , Parent of Siddharth Gupta, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“The best thing that one can ever experience ! Please continue with this practice of getting kids exposed to varied forms of art !!
Ms. Bhavna Praveen, Parent of Aarav Praveen, Class – IV Basant

“Jalebi curls story telling was absolutely amazing, The exhibits are “Epitomes of Beauty” !!
Ms. Ranjeeta Buti, Parent of Suhana Buti, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Amazing work, this place always has something new to show ! Best Place ♥♥ !!
Ms. Deepika, Parent of Gaurangini, Class – IX Basant

Culmination Event – Pallav

“Contributing and participating in making a rhyme was fun . ”
Mr. Anshul Bawa, Parent of Atharv Bawa, Class – Pallav Basant

“Bahut Achha experience raha.”
Mr. Arvind, Parent of Arnav, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“I helped in writing the last two lines of the poetry. It was a really great experience. ”
Mr. Ajay Datta, Parent of Samredh Datta, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Areas of strength in the child’s performance are imagination, ability to co-relate and freedom of expression.”
Mr. Rahul Subnani, Parent of Dakshraj Subnani, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“He loves the process of evaporation. He loves the steam coming out of water.”
Ms. Anita, Parent of Ayaan Gupta , Class – Pallav Malhaar

Annual Day – Ankur and Pallav

“Can’t believe my eyes…kids are doing awesome. Hats off to all teachers and staff loving it ! ”
Mr. Rajeev Roy, Parent of Anagh J Roy, Class – Ankur Basant

“Thank you ! its really an exercise for you all to put the little ones in a straight line. It was a wonderful program.”
Ms. Paramita & Mr. Sachin , Parent of Amara Mudgil, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“Excellent ushering and awesome student volunteers ! Too helpful !”
Mr. Mukesh Sangwan, Parent of Siddharth, Class – Ankur Basant

“Very well done. The kidoo do amazing. Hats off all the teachers and all the staff.”
Ms. Namrata, Parent of Kartik, Class – Pallav Basant

Annual Day – I to XII

“Hakuna Matata – No worries. As long as our children are in NiBS; we are too happy to see them bloom. Thanks for a lovely evening. ”
Ms. Adit Kaur, Parent of Jasmine Kaur, Class – I Malhaar

“Wow ! NiBS does it better than last time every time. Great to go around the world with the kids.”
Mr. Darpan Arora, Parent of Saranya Arora, Class – IV Basant

“Beautiful, breathtaking & mesmerizing journey around the world. We travelled along with the kids ! Kudos to the teachers & kids !! ”
Mr. & Mrs. Chadha, Parent of Akshaj Chadha, Class – II Bahaar

“Excellent conceptualisation and execution by the children”
Mr. Anindya Acharya, Parent of Aditya Acharya, Class – VI Bahaar

“Great job kids and kuddos to the trainer as well for synchronising so many kids so may percussion and vocals together !! ”
Ms. Priya & Mr. Dinesh,  Parent of Avilash Dinesh , Class – V Basant

“Musically superb…melodious and beautiful life performances”
Ms. Deepali, Parent of Kanan, Class – VIII Bahaar

Culmination Event – I

“It was a great oppurtunity to mix with children and share the topic with them.”
Mr. & Ms. Budhiraja, Parents of Pranav, Class – I Bahaar

“Thoroughly enjoyed the culmination event. Saw some amazing project. Each one of them spoke confidently. I was really impressed.”
Ms. Renuka, Parent of Vernica, Class – I Basant

“Your efforts are more than our expectation.”
Ms. Seema Kala, Parent of Divyansh Kala, Class – I Malhaar

“100% involvement, arranging material and cultivating a thought on board was really a great experience. ”
Mr. Vishal, Parent of Hridyansh, Class – I Bahaar

Culmination Event – Pallav

“It’s always a pleasure to connect with our kids. Dhanvi shared her knowledge about waste treatment and how water can be saved for future.”
Ms. Shalini, Parent of Dhanvi, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We took Advik for a visit to our neighborhood cobbler, vegetable vendor and enjoyed making a video clip.”
Mr. & Ms. Rai, Parents of Advik Rai, Class – Pallav Basant

“Aadya has started recognizing the efforts of each and every individual.”
Mr. & Ms. Jain, Parents of Aadya Jain, Class – Pallav Basant

“Yes, you have made children visit the fire station and many want to become firemen now!!!”
Mr. Amit Gaur, Parent of Aadhira, Class – Pallav Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop for Junior School Parents

“It gave me a real insight that someway we are responsible for our child’s low esteem and we should be more loving and accepting instead of being demanding.”
Ms. Rekha , Parent of Saranya, Class – IV Basant

“I learnt that it is okay to be imperfect.”
Mr. Vinay Pal, Parent of Shivam Pal, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“When Dr. Patri answered some queries and I found that some were common to mine.”
Ms. Shivani Paliwal, Parent of Aadi Paliwal, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“I learnt –>Develop self-esteem–>Don’t indulge in over parenting–>Consistent discipline”
Mr. Chiranjeev Singh Bedi & Ms. Avneet Bedi,  Parents of Haranshjeev Singh

“I found faulty parent-child relationship very interesting as many real life examples were discussed which happens to us in our daily life.”
Ms. Swati Ashish Bhardwaj, Parent of Siansh Bhardwaj, Class – Ankur Bahaar

Growing Up Years Workshop for Parents

“Our strategy on an immediate basis is to invest in an emotional bank account”.
Mrs.Geeta Ramesh, Parent of Vinayak Nair, Class – X Basant

“We came to know what is actually happening with and within our children and how to handle it”.
Mr. Neeraj Yadav, Parent of Anilansh Yadav, Class – VIII Basant

“I will talk to my daughter regularly about different ongoing aspects of her life”.
Mr. Chandan Singh, Parent of Vasudha Sirari, Class – VI Bahaar

“Say sorry, say thank you and not to be a dictator or a preacher but to let them do the talking and of course increase my deposits in my emotion bank”.
Mrs. Lakshmi M, Parent of S. Janvi, Class – VI Bahaar

Learning to Learn – 2016

“Thank you for all the support. I see a vast change in my kid in just a couple of months. Regards & Respect for all teachers”.
Mrs.Smriti Gupta, Parent of Siddharth Gupta, Pallav Bahaar

“The projects presented by students were very educative. Both students & parents learnt principles of science with the help of these projects”.
Mr. Lokesh, Parent of Prakriti, IV Bahaar

“Good to see the entire journey that kid will be going through. Great to see the student’s project and how will they understand the same”.
Mrs. Divya Saxena, Parent of Aarav Saxena, II Basant

“Very nicely planned and demonstrated by the NiBS Team. Be it care time, circle time and other activities, it was very well explained and very different from other institutions. Great Work !”.
Ms. Shambhavi Jha, Parent of Srivats Shubh, II Bahaar

Masti ke Ghol – 2016

“I liked the concept of passport, I also appreciated the idea of creatively using disposable plates for making necklace in Egypt.”
Mr.& Mrs. Chamoli, Parent of Anshika Chamoli, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“Togetherness of school and home !!! It’s great !!”
Mr. Amit Gaur, Parent of Aadhira Gaur, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“Overall the event is very different from all previous Masti Ke Ghol; the theme is good, innovative and informative. The collaboration of parents and teachers.”
Ms. Seema Sharma, Parent of Parth Sharma, Class IV Basant.

“Its perfect and we would love to be part of it as a family every time – always ! Keep up such innovative way of education with Masti. Absolute Ghol of Masti !
Mr. Navneet Singh, Parent of Abeer Singh, Class Ankur Bahaar.

“The theme is the best and easy way to learn about different countries.”
Mr. Richa, Parent of Reyansh, Class Pallav Basant.

“Participation of parents and teachers is highly interactive.”
Mr. Dinesh, Parent of Deevashree, Class Pallav Basant.

Parent Orientation

“What most appealed to me at NiBS is the parent participation. It helps in creating a bond with the school.”
Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Parent of Shanaya Agarwal, Class Ankur Basant.

“What most appealed to me at NiBS is the simplicity in everything you all do.”
Mr.& Mrs. Jha, Parent of Srivats Shubh, Class II Bahaar.

“What most appealed to me at NiBS is the approach NiBS follows, that every child is special and should be treated equally.”
Ms. Priya Grover, Parent of Aaliya Grover, Class Ankur Bahaar.

“The word that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is explorer.”
Ms. Taruna Seghal, Parent of Devansh Sehgal, Class VI Bahaar.

“The phrase that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is educative and value bases.”
Mr. Mridul Jain, Parent of Ishaan Jain, Class Ankur Basant.

“The sentence that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is that our faith has been entrusted to NiBS and we believe that our son is going to enjoy his whole process of learning.”
Ms.Chanchibeni Gifthy, Parent of Aadi Aaron Yadav, Class Ankur Malhaar.

“A word that describes my child’s journey at NiBS is MAGICAL”
Ms. Darilang Rymbai , Parent of Joanna Rymbai , Class Ankur Malhaar.

Entry Event – II

“What I enjoyed most about the event is togetherness !! More than a event it was about we and Jasdeep together; we did all the task together.
Mr. Singh, Parent of Jasdeep Singh, Class II Bahaar.

‘It’s always easily registered in mind if done in a practical/playway method.
Mr. Chadha, Parent of Akshaj Chadha, Class II Bahaar.

‘It will develop a sense of curiosity in everything they hear/see and touch/smell.
Mr. Bhattacharya, Parent of Zinia, Class II Basant

‘At times it is difficult to explain things to kids just by explaining in words using different objects was a good way’.
Ms. Raturi, Parent of Naisha Raturi, Class II Bahaar.

Entry Event – Pallav

“What I enjoyed most about the event is the idea of letting the individual units of families come together as a larger family’.
Ms. Nerwal, Parent of Samaira Nerwal, Class Pallav Basant.

‘Ofcourse yes, practical is always better than anything else. Children enjoyed with their parents’.
Mr. Kumar, Parent of Vivaan Kumar, Class Pallav Bahaar.

‘This experience enriched the child alot. It made us realise how we need to contribute in our child’s learning process. It taught us that we be contributing and less critical’.
Mr. Subnani, Parent of Dakshraj Subnani, Class Pallav Bahaar.

‘Learning through society is always an important aspect we feel and what better than doing this with life long friends’.
Ms. Gaur, Parent of Aadhira Gaur, Class Pallav Bahaar.

Nirmal Sabha

“NiBS is a happy school because here studies are not a burden for a kid. With a smile on their face they can conquer the world.
Ms. Nidhi Suri, Parent of Abhisht Suri, Class II Bahaar.

A word that best describes a NiBS student is VIVACIOUS !
Mr. Anand Prakash, Parent of Hiya Prakash, Class VII Basant.

One positive change that I have seen in my child since he has joined NiBS is that he does every task given to him with a lot of confidence and makes sure that is is completed in an outstanding manner.
Ms. Ritu Singh Ghumman, Parent of Sarthak Singh, Class IV Basant

“One thing that stood out for us in the ten years of NiBS is the school being true to its vision statement; especially the Power of Community. It is really encouraging”.
Ms. Renuka S Kumar, Parent of Suvan Aditya, Class IV Bahaar

On ‘Young at Art’

Awesome !, Amazing ! Bravo ! Team NiBS. It shows a lot hard work, commitment, time and heart work that has gone behind ‘Young at Art’.
Mr. Sunil Sachdeva, Parent of Anshuman and Aarushi Sachdeva, Class III Bahaar and I Bahaar

“Thank you for organizing this event and allowing us to be a part of it. We have been coming for the last three years and its getting better with each passing year. Keep up the excellent work”!
Mr. & Mrs. Harshit and Swati Mehrotra, Parent of Shaurya Mehrotra, Class II Basant

“I deeply appreciate the efforts made by the school to invite different artists or rather the ‘Masters’ to bless our children and connect them to their rich and diverse culture”.
Ms. Renuka S Kumar, Parent of Suvan Aditya, Class IV Bahaar

“This school is unique and very special. Young at Art is an asset to my school”.
Aryan Kaushik, Student of class IX

“What a joy!! Keep it up!!”
Ms. Bhawna Kothari, Parent of Abhimanyu Rai, Class II Basant

On ‘Masti Ke Ghol’

“Fun quotient, making the parent involved in positive thinking with the school. The level and method of involvement is such that one never feels like the parents do not know each other. Rather they work as a team to accomplish a target”.
Mr. & Mrs. Kumar, Parent of Kashvi Kumar, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“It gave us, a sense of belonging with the school. An  Excellent way of communicating with parents and teachers”.
Mrs.Karandeep Kaur, Parent of Nitbani Kaur, Ankur Bahaar

“We are able to connect with other parents, teachers and the school. These discussions bring more useful ideas and views”.
Ms. Swati Mehrotra, Parent of Shaurya Mehrotra, II Basant

“It’s an ideal platform for informal interaction to build a relationship”.
Rahul Mishra, Parent of Shriya mishra III Basant

“One word that sums up all ‘Innovation’.
Dinesh Punyani, Parent of Aashvi, Ankur Bahaar.

On ‘Learning to Learn’

“The ongoing process of assessment and evaluations, peer feedback – it is the best thing and was surprisingly happy to know that school has adopted this. Color Coding and Rubric system is also a good way of understanding the level of a child.”
Ms Bhavna Panicker, Parent of Aarav Vasudevan, Class III Basant

“I understood that the teachers really work hard to make the assessment of students, work on their strengths and weakness to share the reports with the parents and involve them and finally get to the correct evaluation of the student at the end of the academic session.”
Mr Basant K.Giri,  Parent of Airen & Miren Giri, Pallav Basant & III Basant

“It is best that the school stresses on ‘learning’ and the word “competition’ is at the bottom of the ladder here. To achieve excellence in any area, one does not need ‘competition’. All one needs is ‘motivation’ and a ‘love for learning’.”
Ms Pooja Ahuja, Parent of Vihaan Ahuja, I Bahaar

“In English, we must focus on listening, speaking, comprehension and reading then writing. There are many ways of assessing; paper and pencil are not the only way of assessing.”
Ms. Shuchi Rustagi, Parent of Utkarsh Rustagi, III Basant 

“We should let learning be fun. Liked the point made by teacher in Auditorium that we should not put pressure in these classes. We should let children enjoy childhood and not worry about Class XII marks in class I to VI.”
Mr Lokesh Bhog, Parent of Prakriti Bhog, III Bahaar

“Phonetics, soft sounds, mix sounds, concept of sound is very much clear to me so, it will help me at home while teaching.”
Vipul Kumar, Parent of Vivaan Kumar, Ankur Basant