Nurturing Community

Originating from our foundational commitment to the concept of community, our team has evolved three distinct initiatives to help us build a culture of sharing, collaboration and reflective practice. Each focuses on one of three core groups that make up our community – students, teachers and parents.

The House System and Student VOICE

At NiBS, all children from grades IV to XII pledge allegiance to and join one of the four school houses, Ashoka, Banyan, Neem and Peepal. Tracing their founding inspiration to the sacred trees of our land, the houses provide a literal canopy of shelter for the students, encouraging them to develop both, a greater sense of personal belonging and identity, and a deep inter-connectedness with the larger school community. They also serve as the spaces within which the VOICE of our community or the Values of Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence that we hold so dear, are nurtured, shared and protected.

Nirmal Pragati: The Centre for Educators

The Nirmal Pragati programme sets the pattern for lifelong learning and professional development opportunities for our educators through forums, seminars, lectures and workshops. We believe that teachers ‘teach who they are’. So, in order to inspire them to learn, grow and explore horizons beyond the traditional disciplines, the team organizes visits to music recitals, theatre performances, art museums and places of historical interest. In addition, it provides a platform for educators to share their passions and hidden talents with their colleagues as part of an in-school sharing programme. The Pragati team also organizes in-house professional development sessions.

Nirmal Chhaya: The Centre for Families

Nirmal Chhaya helps build a circle of trust between parents and families. The activities of the centre include both, ensuring the existence of an active and enthusiastic PTA, and proactively reaching out to family needs and concerns beyond those expressed by the PTA.

The innovative and fun community events organised by the team such as Masti-Ke Ghol, Community Cook-out, and Adventure Day have received much appreciation from parents and have been instrumental in helping us build close, meaningful relationships with them.

To help parents further broaden their perspective, the Chhaya team organizes workshops and seminars on topics such as child development, parenting and conflict management. Parents with special skills or resources are also invited to participate in parent-sharing activities or volunteer their time on a part-time basis.

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