Day 3

6:30 am – Good morning Delhi.  While you still sleep, we walk to try and sight as many of the rich collection of the 600 varieties of birds that make the Jim Corbett National Park a true home of the flora n fauna.

8:30 – The nature walk culminates with a visit to a nearby village to observe and learn about the life, culture, customs and traditions of the people living in the vicinity.

11:00 am – Leaving the resort with a heavy heart; wishing we had a little more time…heading towards Ramnagar in gypsies to board the delux buses.  We bring back many memories, stories and experiences to share.

1:30 pm – Heading towards Gajraula for lunch, we are enjoying games of dumb charades and antakshiri.

3:45 pm – After filling our tummies with jeera rice, shahi paneer, rajma and ice crea, we begin the last leg of our journey and head back towards Delhi.

8 pm – Corbett back safe and sound and signing off…till next year.


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Day 2

7:30 am – On a nature walk, learning about the flora and fauna of the place.

9:45 am – Returned from the nature walk and enjoying the delicacies at breakfast…boiled egg, omlette and toast, puri aloo, uthapam sambar, poha and milk with cornflakes…and if that wasn’t enough to fill us up, there was freshly cut fruit and juice as well.

11 am – No “Mission Impossible” for us…participating in Adventure activities.

Noon – Feeling cool as cucumbers…as we cool off with body surfing.

2 pm – It was all about building teams till we reached back and saw the delicious spread of lunch.  It was then, each one to themselves as, famished, we gobbled up the veg fried rice, mattar paneer, kadai chicken, rajma and dum aloo.  The ice cream with hot chocolate sauce was the most cooling off all.

 3:30 pm – Spending time reflecting on our activities and visits and enthusiastically completing worksheets based on our observations and learnings.

7:30 pm – A night under the starts; we celebrate our last night at the Jim Corbett National Park, jiving to live music and foot tapping numbers.

9:15 pm – Ravenous after the dancing, we filled our tummies with shahi paneer, mutton, dal and veg lazeez.  The orange fudge was a huge hit.  All all too soon.  it seems to be coming to an end.  Till tomorrow morning, it’s good night to everyone back home.


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Day 1

6:00 am – All aboard and in high spirits as we start our journey

8:00 am – Crossed Hapur city and heading towards Gajraula for a breakfast break

9:30 am – Satisfying every palate, breakfast includes delicious sambar idli-vada, the Punjabi favourite dahi parantha and a variety of sandwiches with hot milk.  All are busy eating and enjoying the ambience of the Meriton Hotel.

11:30 am – After a heavy breakfast, we are on our way to our final destination.  Keeping ourselves busy with antakshri and dumb charades.

1 pm – After a long and loud journey, we transfer to jeeps and venture into the thick of the jungle to our Resort.

2 pm – Feasting on butter chicken, palak paneer, daal, aaloo gobhi and cooling off with frozen ice cream…

3 pm – On our way to try and get a glimpse of His Royal Highness as he wanders the wild.

5:30 pm – Worth it all as we spot the grand animal…well, next to the best in any case

7:30 pm – On our way back from the safari, excited at having seen the barking deer, sambar, spotted deer, a wild asian elephant, peacocks and the highlight of the safari, the naughty jumpy langoors.  At least this one time, “we were not responsible for all the monkey business”…!!

9 pm – It’s light out for the day folks after a scrumptious meal of mutton, dal makhni, shahi paneer and sweet seviyan…Will catch up with you again tomorrow morning.



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