Count to Ten – Celebrating the Power of Ten

The theme week for the second quarter was celebrated with great zeal in the Junior school.  The significance of the number Ten was discussed with the students and various fun activities were done with them. The ‘ Adorable Ankurs’ sang rhymes related to number ten. They also used their ten little fingers and different  things like pencils, beads, chains, rings etc to learn how to count upto ten. A ten rupee note and coin were also shown to these young learners.

The ‘Perfect Pallavas’ did interesting activities to learn the grouping of number ten using different number combinations. They too sang rhymes related to the number ten.

The ‘Fabulous Ones’ were shown a power point presentation on the currency of five different countries highlighting the notes of the denomination ten. The students also created a money booklet.

The ‘Sincere Twos’ started the theme week with an activity on the place value of ten using ice cream sticks. This activity was also integrated with addition and subtraction using the number ten.  A creative writing activity was also taken up in the class and students wrote on the topic ‘If I found rupees ten that belonged to nobody, what would I do with it and why’.

The ‘Talented Threes’ were taught the multiplication rules with one tens and ten tens. The talented artists of class three also designed a new ten rupee note. They ended on a thoughtful note by writing a creative piece on  ‘When I’ll turn ten….’.

The ‘Fantastic Fours’ learned  multiplication and division by the family of ten.  The students showed their creative writing prowess by writing brilliantly on the topic ‘ At ten minutes to ten pm I was…’

Thus the theme week ended on a ‘high ten’ and was a good learning experience for all the students.