More than a number – Middle School’s Theme Week

Middle School presented the third theme week – Count to Ten on 20th October in the school auditorium.

The ‘seniors’, the Terrific Eights showed the way and presented animated films on ‘Jab One Met Zero’ and had the audience’s rapt attention as two well made films were presented.

Then it was the turn of the ‘Sterling Sevens’. First VII Basant presented the significance of number Ten in Vedic Math along with the contribution of Aryabhat and other mathematicians in making India a pioneer in the field of Mathematics by giving the world the power of Zero, Decimal and Ratio. One after another child spoke on Vedic Math and showed some interesting calculations done by using one of the ‘Sutras’. A brilliantly written poem on the topic was also recited.

Then VII Bahaar presented, through role play, the ten year Trojan War fought between Athens and Troy in ancient Greece. They also made an interesting presentation on the Tenth sign of the zodiac- Capricorn and brought out its significance through an interesting PPT.

The ‘Super Sixes’ presented the significance of number ten in sports. VI Basant presented the role of number ten in Basketball .

VI Bahaar showed to the discerning audience why the number 10 is important to the sport of Soft Ball. As the presentations centered on sports, they were cheered for loudly by the sports enthusiasts.

The ‘Fabulous Fives’ presented ten inventions/events which brought revolution in the world. V Basant focused on ten important events from 1947-57. It was heartening to see children speak with confidence on important events that took place in newly independent India; accompanied by a brilliantly made PPT.

V Bahaar presented ten important inventions that revolutionized the world. Each revolution was well presented with effective speaking and aided by an eye catching PPT.

The Theme Week presentation brought to the fore our children’s enthusiasm in preparing a presentation on a given topic, as also the in depth research they undertake in order to make a presentation of a high level.