Culmination – Birds – Cl. II

“Very Involved as Miren is interested in birds.”
Mr. B. Giri , Parent of Miren Giri , Class – II Malhaar

“Thumbs Up ! it was already upto the mark . ”
Ms. Kajal Bakshi, Parent of Kaarnik, Class – II Bahaar

“Children recognize the importance and history of Delhi and take pride in it.”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak, Parent of Aakriti Rajak, Class – II Malhaar

“Were able to remember and describe clearly characteristics of birds .”
Mr. Namit Rai , Parent of Soham & Aryann Rai, Class – II Basant

“Read the chapters on birds at home, read about different birds.”
Mr. Harsh Negi, Parent of Sambhavi Negi, Class – II Malhaar

“Yes, it was evident from the presentation. Armon solved crossword at his own.”
Ms. Rashmii, Parent of Armon, Class – II Malhaar