Culmination – Cl. Pallav (Weather and Season)

Pallavs culminated their theme ‘Weather and Season’ on 20th January, 2017. Parents were invited for this event. We began with a PowerPoint presentation, which gave the parents an overview of all that the children learnt and experienced while exploring this theme. After the presentation, children of Pallav recited the poems based on the theme. After this the parents from each section of Pallav were given some words from the theme vocabulary. They were asked to pen down a sort poem for the given season and then present it to the rest of the group. Post the poetry session, children and parents moved to the ‘Seasonal Food Court’ set up for them in the open. Based on the season, food items were spread out for on the tables. For summer there was refreshing Tang, for winter it was peanuts and popcorns and under rainy we had assorted ‘pakodas’ sent in by the parents especially for this event. It was a winter morning well spent together with parents and children as we enjoyed food from each season sitting under the sun.