Culmination – II

“Learning and sharing of concepts was amazing. Multi-pronged learning aids used was good.”
Ms. Meenu , Parent of Jay Mehta , Class – II Malhaar

“Making her learn about the hings showing her all the sign at the road was fun which we have all together . ”
Mr. Peeyush Jain, Parent of Devanshi Jain, Class – II Bahaar 

“I learn so much from them. We go to the rail museum with them and share different types of trains there. ”
Ms. Manisha, Parent of  Aadya, Class – II Bahaar 

“Enjoyed making the puzzles and was impressed with the answers Abeer was given for the questionnaire. ”
Ms. Richa, Parent of  Abeer Khatri, Class – II Malhaar 

“Visit to Rail Museum. We also checked on road signs. ”
Ms. Lisa , Parent of  Gia Goel, Class – II Basant

“It was real fun to participate with children. Remembered my childhood – revisited. ”
D.R.Pathak , Grand Father of  Meher, Class – II Basant