Culmination – III

“We were deeply involved in the project on water. The riddle given to my child was very informative and we really searched on it. 🙂 ”
Ms. Deepjot , Parent of Jasdeep , Class – III Basant

“We were greatly involved with the children as we discussed water harvesting at home and the importance of saving water.”
Ms. Indu Singh , Parent of Jaivardhan, Class – III Basant

“The children participated enthusiastically in all the experiments. ”
Mr. Anirudh , Parent of Aaditi , Class – III Bahaar

“At the initial stage, this type of presentation is very good. I see the same activity in LISA. We are doing well good (NiBS). ”
Dr. Grewal, Parent of Jasmine Grewal , Class – III Malhaar