Culmination – My Culture

The students of Class 1 culminated their theme – My Culture (diversity) on 18 December, 2017. The event started with a presentation where the students shared about how the theme progressed. The students presented their learnings from the theme through a skit. They showed the diverse culture of India through a role play and a ramp walk representing five different states. Last but not the least there was a dance showcasing the unity of India.Different activities were planned for the parents and four stations were set up for the same. At one station they had to complete a jigsaw map of India. At another station they had to guess the names of states from the clues given. At the third station the parents had to dress up doll cut outs using different materials like origami sheets, sequins and sketch pens. At the end of the culmination the parents were invited to write a message for the children of India and pin it up on the board.